Free seminar entitled “We will notify you | Unplugged” is coming to Tripoli


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The Growth Hub organization will hold a free seminar titled “We will notify you Unplugged” within the European project “LeaderShaping”. The seminar will take place on Tuesday, November 14, 17:30-20:00, in the auditorium of the upper building in the department of economics, University of Peloponnese in Tripoli.
Register here:
Course Description:
Come for a 2-hour unfiltered discussion about the job market, your personal and professional goals, the skills of today and tomorrow, and the business culture of the country.
We will discuss this and much more in person on November 14, together with the hosts of “We Will Notify You”, the No. 1 Business Show of the country, Spyros Andrianos & Konstantinos Kinzios.
If you have no idea what awaits you, type “we will notify you” on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram & TikTok and get an idea!
A few words about the speakers:
THE Andrianos Spyros is a pan-European award-winning manager, entrepreneur, public speaker, who left a successful and high-status corporate career in order to realize a vision. He founded “Men of Style”, in 2014, the largest self help brand in Greece.
THE Konstantinos Kintziosin the last 7 of his total 19 working years, through ReGeneration, he gives his whole soul for the new generation of the country, having succeeded in recruiting almost 4,000 new graduates, in a nationwide network of 2,000 companies while offering 1,000,000 hours of training in soft, digital and technical skills, effectively bridging the gap between a new graduate and the job market.
The program is implemented with the support of the European Solidarity Corps and the Lifelong Learning Youth Foundation.
Tegea Stadium, Tripoli
[email protected]

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