The “hot” issues of freelancers at the Vatsina-Kavatha meeting

The “hot” issues of freelancers at the Vatsina-Kavatha meeting
The “hot” issues of freelancers at the Vatsina-Kavatha meeting

The issues faced by freelancers and small and medium businesses discussed yesterday MP of Heraklion PASOK, Eleni Vatsina by President of GSEVEE, Giorgos Kavvathas.

The meeting of the MP, and in her capacity as the Parliamentary Head of the PASOK-Movement for Change for Small and Medium Enterprises, was aimed at informing about the Federation’s positions on the upcoming measures regarding the taxation of self-employed professionals, a “hidden” agenda of the Government , as noted by Eleni Vatsina, which will be introduced for voting only 3 months after the elections.

As it was emphasized during the Vatsina-Kavatha meeting, the measures for freelancers are horizontal and not targeted, with the result that small and medium-sized and new businesses are essentially affected, while once again businesses with a large turnover will be favored.

“Once again, the anachronistic concept of presumptive income of 10,960 euros, which leads to an annual tax of 1,440 euros, is used for taxation, instead of substantial measures to combat tax evasion, while at the same time the abolition of the pretense tax remains out of the discussion,” she noted in a statement Eleni Vacina.

In addition, regarding the introduction of a taxation algorithm based on which freelancers will be taxed according to the years of operation of their business, the number of employees and the amount of their salary, combined with a tax measure that depends on the KAD of their sector , Eleni Vatsina commented that “this simply means that if someone chooses to do a profession with an “expensive” KAD or if in his industry others with the same KAD make a turnover of millions, he is obliged to pay tax to the state AND according to these criteria and not based on his own actual turnover”.

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