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Marinakis for Tempi: ND’s KO will vote in favor of the examination – Executives should be careful about their positions

Marinakis for Tempi: ND’s KO will vote in favor of the examination – Executives should be careful about their positions
Marinakis for Tempi: ND’s KO will vote in favor of the examination – Executives should be careful about their positions

The government accepts it proposal of the KKE for the formation of an inquiry committee for the investigation of the long-standing government responsibilities that led to the Tempe tragedy, according to what the government spokesman announced, Pavlos Marinakis.

The New Democracy parliamentary group will vote in favor of the proposal, subject to its content. The investigation, as the proposal says, to start from 1997 and from there. Our positions will be formulated during this processsaid Mr. Marinakis.

Himself, commenting on them statements by Adonis Georgiadis about Tempti, noted that all executives must be careful about their public positions. “The minister took responsibility for his statement, which was misinterpreted, and gave a relevant response. He apologized for the aversion to speech, surely there was a different rendering of his words. He gave the relevant explanations and restored what he saidhe added.

I did not say that people are not interested in the Tempe accident, for the dead of Tempe. Obviously people are interested in the accident and the dead and the responsibilities. The responsibilities are being investigated by the Justice Department, in an ongoing investigation. What I said is to the question whether there should be a preliminary investigation or an investigation, which was asked to me by either Mr. Hatzinikolaou or Mr. Delatolas. I think this is not a matter that concerns the world. It is not the first topic of discussion today whether we should have a Pre-Investigation or an Inquiry into Tempi and that this is a navel-gazing of the opposition for political exploitation. Another one another another“, said Mr. Georgiadis characteristically.

To moderate the impressions that were created, he also tried Dimitris Tsiodras, director of the Prime Minister’s Press Office. “Mr. Georgiadis was talking about political exploitation being attempted by the opposition on this issue. The Tempe it was a tragedy and clearly concerned and concerns the worldhe emphasized.

The dismissal of the Minister of Labor Adonis Georgiadigia for the statements he made about Tempi asked the president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. “The statement of Adonis Georgiadis that only those who live in their microcosm are interested in Tempi today, is one of the most cynical and inhumane statements that have been made in the political history of our country. It insults the memory of the victims. It offends the wounded and the survivors who live with the nightmare of the memory, many of them traumatizedsays Mr. Kasselakis.

“It is an example of how quickly and impressively the arrogance of power can degenerate into cynicism. For wiretapping, we were used to it, especially from Mr. Georgiadis, but also from the entire Government, to bury them. But with the tragedy of Tempe, they ended it” emphasized the Parliamentary Representative of PASOK – Movement for Change, Dimitris Manzos. A monument to cynicism and arrogancecharacterizes with his announcement the PASOK the statements of the Minister of Labour, Adonis Georgiadis on the railway tragedy in Tempi.

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