Strengthening the hospitals of Larissa

Strengthening the hospitals of Larissa
Strengthening the hospitals of Larissa

Proposal for a resolution to the Regional Council of Thessaly for the immediate reinforcement of the two hospitals of Larissa both in terms of logistical equipment and human resources and care for the salaries of the doctors, submitted by the People’s Rally (signed by the regional councilors of Thessaly of the People’s Rally: Anastasios Tsiaples, Zisis Garaliakos, Vasiliki Bakasis and Apostolis Nanos).

The proposal states that the Regional Council of Thessaly claims from the Ministry of Health and the 5th Ministry of Health:
* The immediate opening of 6 additional operating rooms at the Larissa University Hospital, with the immediate recruitment of 15 nurses and 1 additional operating room at the Larissa General Hospital, with the recruitment of 9 nurses and 3 anesthesiologists. The channeling of surgical cases to the large private groups of the region, deliberately undermines the operation of hospitals, the health of the people, the training of young doctors and students, so that the large private health groups can profit.
* The creation of specialized Stroke Units in both hospitals of Larissa, based on European standards and infrastructure. For this purpose, it is necessary to take the necessary care for the implementation of the self-evident (modern logistical infrastructure – operation of a modern angiographer and specialized staff – medical/nursing/paramedical). The establishment of Stroke Units, currently having barely 2 doctors specialized in thrombectomies, is an example of the sloppiness with which it was done.
* In the self-righteous implementation of the institution of on-call doctors’ days off, without evasions.
* Doubling wages, doubling hospital funding and doubling recruitment.
* The staffing of the Health Centers of the Prefecture of Larissa, covering the more than 100 vacant positions of doctors. To immediately stop the movements of general practitioners whenever a health need arises, with a typical example being the structure of Koutsocheros, which is completely neglected.
* The immediate building upgrade and renewal of the logistical infrastructure of the Health Centers of the Prefecture of Larissa.
Also, to immediately stop the unacceptable measure of using the doctors of the Health Centers as crew of the ambulances in the transports.

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