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“Stefanos is nice, well done Stefan…”

“Stefanos is nice, well done Stefan…”
“Stefanos is nice, well done Stefan…”

The president of the… ultimatums – Kasselakis was involved in bad luck. It’s not enough that he has Pavlos Polakis indicating what exactly he should do, various people are coming out right and left and giving him ultimatums for the deletions.

To tell you the dark truth, I’m starting to feel sorry for the shipowner president. He now bangs that the man is “in front” of him Polaki. “Does the donkey fly?” says Pavlis, “does it fly” says Stefanos… And that’s not all. If you don’t delete them by Sunday, after that, forget about us, various of his courtiers and supporters tell him. Should even songwriters give him ultimatums with public posts? Sad!

But is it possible for a party president to accept being a puppet? To accept being manipulated by others and given orders on what to do and when to do it? Could anyone do this to Tsipras? Stefanos of Greece himself, I learn, wants to freeze the deletions in order to have some decompression, but the evasions will not let him. Through Kasselakis, everyone gets their revenge and vents their emotions. Should he be congratulated by his subordinate? You mean it’s a pedantry? “Well done Stefan” the mentor writes to him… on FB. Comic-tragic situations… He didn’t give him just a donut. It reminded me of this video on Tik Tok “Nice Phaedon, well done Phaedon”.

How did poor Stefanos know that he got involved… They would make him shave off a mustache if he had one. Fortunately, he doesn’t have that. I long to see the time when the same people who today lick him, will say to him: “Oops Stefan Oops”. I live only to hear it and I don’t believe it will be long… We are close.

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