The Cavaliotes and the Dramani should not make a fool of Ev. Stylianides

The Cavaliotes and the Dramani should not make a fool of Ev. Stylianides
The Cavaliotes and the Dramani should not make a fool of Ev. Stylianides

– What is being attempted, is not accomplished, with the departments of the International University of Greece (I.P.E.) in Kavala and Drama, is a violent detachment and integration of them into the Democritus University of Thrace (I.P.Th. ). With the way I want it, the government will remove seven departments from DI.PA.E., to offer them to D.P.I. In order to satisfy the (political) ego of a Member of Parliament, the Member of Parliament for Rodopi, Euripides Stylianides, who will be proud to have succeeded in expanding and making the University of Thrace, the third largest university in Greece!

– We wonder what the lascivious MP would say if the reverse happened. That is, if the government promoted the transfer of departments from the University of Thrace to a University based in Thessaloniki. Certainly he would not accept such a plan at the expense of unacritic Thrace and would publicly express his protest. He takes advantage of the silence of his colleagues, MPs from Kavala and Drama, who consider it normal to transfer, or abolish, university departments. They think that because there will be a transfer of departments from one university to another, nothing will change.

– We will ask the deputies of Kavala-Drama, if they will support any decision of the departments of the two nodes, to remain in DI.PA.E. Why should the administrations, professors and students of these departments express themselves, after being informed about the government’s plan, if they see the inclusion in the University of Thrace positively. As it should be expressed, for this issue, the administration of DI.PA.E. Does it want to “give away” two nodes to another university institution? This is a reasonable and democratic process, which concerns the respect for the self-government of the institutions of higher education. The bodies of these institutions do not exist only to elect their administrations.

-An argument for moving the departments of Kavala and Drama to the University of Thrace is that eastern Macedonia is administratively under the Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace. Therefore, the departments of Kavala and Drama should be located in the university operating in the Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace. Therefore, we will ask the managers of the former Technological Educational Institution of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace and of D.P.Th., why they did not present this argument in the consultation before the integration of T.E.I. of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace in DI.PA.E.? If they requested then, for Kavala and Drama to become hubs of the D.P.I., the government of SY.RIZ.A.-Independent Greeks could impose its will, for the integration of the departments of the T.E.I. in the new DI.PA.E.? Regarding the financing of the projects and the supply of equipment, we think things are clear. The hubs of Kavala and Drama belong to DI.PA.E. The DI.PA.E. based in Thessaloniki. The administration of the institution addresses, for any financing of its needs, either to the Ministry of Education, or to the Region of Central Macedonia. It does not concern the sections of the Kavala and Drama junctions, from where the projects and equipment will be financed.

– We will respect (and accept) the decision of the educational communities of the nodes of Kavala and Drama and the administration of DI.PA.E. Our own opinion is that Kavala cannot be a “node” neither in DI.PA.E., nor in D.P.I. This point of view, unfortunately, is not supported by the local rulers, who accept mediocrity, i.e. the (continuous) degradation of the place. Meanwhile, the member of parliament Rodopis has set the bar high and wants to make the University of Thrace one of the three largest in Greece!

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