Faye’s father became a “detective” to uncover the murder

Faye’s father became a “detective” to uncover the murder
Faye’s father became a “detective” to uncover the murder

THE Faye Bakoyorgoshe was only 23 years old. No, she only didn’t get to live after she was murdered according to the indictment, but she had a hard time in her life due to financial problems, she was forced to sleep in a car and she thought she found salvation when she met landlady with the building on the street Drosopoulos.

The woman hosted Faye, her mother and sister. However, he wanted in return… According to the indictment, he first forced the girl to beg, followed her to see if she did, and then he was beating her brutally.

The defendant then forced Faye to be extradited for a fee, according to the case file. The 23-year-old had three children by three fathers and was pregnant with the fourth. But the latter was never born because they killed her, wrapped her in a blanket and abandoned the body in an alley of Kypseli.

23-year-old Fai Bakoiorgou was reported missing by her mother and when the body was found, the cause of death was listed as pulmonary edema and ischemic type lesions in the forensic examination.

The father who became a “detective” and “feels vindicated”

When Faye’s body was found, her father Nikolaos Bakoyorgos he considered that his daughter did not expire from pathological causes and suspected a specific person. He did not live with his daughters since he was divorced and insisted that his daughter is a victim criminal energy.

He set out to uncover the truth and approached the private investigator Thanks Veramon. From the beginning “there was a cloud of complaints but everyone who knew had not testified. So I got the people together to gather the information, gave it to Homicide and then they testified,” says the private investigator speaking to Reader.

“Everyone spoke, I relayed all the information verbatim. “Whoever knew, everything who knew, everything was shared with Homicide,” he continued.

Evidence provided and depositions led to the three women. After the arrest of the mother, sister and landladyMr. Bakoyorgos beyond sadness, “feels vindicated”, according to what Harry Veramon told the Reader.

Voices from the infernal apartment

According to the indictment, Faye “testified” on Drosopoulou Street and was constantly beaten. Neighbors could hear the screams from the “hell” but were afraid to speak, according to Haris Veramon.

“Faye was shouting “help” and they could hear the voices and her cries from the skylight. The violent situations in the hellish apartment could be heard in the skylight. People who lived in the apartment building heard them but were afraid to speak,” he said.

According to him, “the landlady has a past and has been taken to court.”

Fai Bakoiorgou: “He could be saved”

All three of Faie’s children lived in the apartment, who were removed after a complaint from a neighbor, who “saw them hanging outside the bars”. However, their mother’s torture continued with this tragic end.

Faye stayed in the apartment with her landlady, mother and sister… There was no further investigation into the conditions other than the rescue of the three children. “There was an important, pivotal moment, when the girl could have been saved,” Mr Veramon said. “If the Faye was talking from the beginning maybe things were different“, he commented.

Faye “was introverted, scared and didn’t talk”

Haris Veramon knew Faye since they used to live in the same neighborhood. It was “too too innocent, too much and naïve unfortunately. He could be easily influenced, he was introverted and did not express himself”. After some years they met “and it seemed that they were not very well”.

After the torture she suffered, according to the indictment, Faye was frightened and did not speak, “we have confirmed this. People asked her if she had something, what was wrong with her and she didn’t answer.”

“When a man is afraid… A timid little girl, it is reasonable that no one can find out what is happening to her” he commented.

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