Up to 70% viewership: The television phenomenon of the 90s that shocked and scandalized was seen by all of Greece


The calendar read September 16, 1993 when the public first came into contact with a series that – although it lasted only one season – and was harshly criticized for its daring (for the time) scenes, turned out to be a real phenomenon. Today, 30 years after its broadcast, “Anastasia» the ultimate point of reference for Greek television.

Most Greeks came into contact with enough nakedsomething not very common in those… old days, while even the story that unfolded through the script which bore her signature was considered scandalous Mirellas Papaoikonomou. Her serial debut on his behalf MEGA had been held in 1991 on “Women» with the Themida Bazakas and Pemy Zounisto be followed by “Anastasia” and then many other works that established her as the pinnacle of this particular genre of fiction.

So what was that element that shocked? But of course a love triangle… A situation that is often a subject for cinema and television, but in this particular case there was a … twist. At one end of it was the Myrto Alikakis as an object of desire, but in the other two stood an equal number of unusual protagonists. Two men related to each other, the worst possible in this context. A father (Minas Hadjisavvas) and his son (Alkis Kourkoulos)!

For the so-called “Great Channel” the adventures of these three and their swirling in a dance of love, passion, regret, guilt, despair and hatred, turned out to be “gold”. Sta 20 episodes that were shown, there were TV ratings that exceeded all expectations and from Thursday to Thursday eto a percentage that did not fall below 50% and often even reached 70%was tuning in to Mega to see how this series that incorporated many elements of a modern family tragedy plays out.

To be perfectly honest, however, the fatal love affair between a young lady, a middle-aged man divorced after 23 years of marriage and his son, was not the only reason for the audience’s interest. There were also those who tuned in with the… hope that they would see some of the rather “tickling” at least footage where a woman’s breast or another part of the body that even then constituted taboo, was displayed on the screen.

In today’s terms that seems like overkill, but if you get that impression maybe you should talk to someone in their 40s (even better their 50s) and will… inform you…

Up to 70% viewership: The television phenomenon of the 90s that shocked and scandalized was seen by all of Greece

For the protagonist Myrto Alikakis, we don’t even need to say that this series launched her career. Coming from the Higher Drama School of Karolos Koun (and studying French Philology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) she seized the opportunity presented to her at the age of 20eh, fully embodying the role of a girl who unwittingly turns into the femme fatale of two men’s lives.

The serial got social phenomenon dimensions and was the subject of daily discussion everywhere, while it brought back into fashion the until then considered “outdated” name Anastasia. Women who had preferred a diminutive, they brought back their baptismal fontwhich of course now happens all the time, but for the early 90s it was something incredible.

Up to 70% viewership: The television phenomenon of the 90s that shocked and scandalized was seen by all of Greece

One of the reasons why today the series is considered by many to be the best drama ever shown by MEGA was probably its duration. Despite the success and high ratings, the original programming for a single season was not changed, so in these 20 episodes of 40 minutes each there wasn’t the “belly” one notices when screenwriters pull a story out of… hairjust to continue something that is no longer interesting.

On the contrary, the screenwriter Mirella Papaoikonomou later released a book of the same name based on the series, copies of which are now considered hard to find, while the soundtrack is more than a classic, with the music of Dimitris Papadimitriou, the lyrics of Lina Nikolakopoulou and the wonderful voice of Eleftheria Arvanitakis.

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