29 traffic accidents with 36 victims in one month in the Peloponnese


The General Regional Police Directorate of Peloponnese publishes total data concerning road safety and traffic policing issues that occurred during the month of October 2023, in the territorial jurisdiction of the Prefectures of Argolis, Arcadia, Corinthia, Laconia and Messinia.

I. Traffic Accidents.

In the territorial jurisdiction of the General Regional Police Directorate of Peloponnese, there were -29- traffic accidents with -36- victims (dead, seriously and slightly injured).

In particular, the following were noted:

  • -3- fatal traffic accidents with -3- deaths,
  • -2- serious traffic accidents with -3- seriously injured,
  • -24- minor traffic accidents with -30- minor injuries.

The main causes of traffic accidents, as revealed by the police traffic investigation, were:

  • Priority violation.
  • Failure to observe pedestrian traffic rules.
  • Movement in the opposite traffic flow.
  • Driver distraction.
  • Marking violations.

II. Traffic Police Actions.

The Traffic Services and the mixed competence Services of the General Regional Police Directorate of Peloponnese are in constant readiness, implementing specific planning, which provides for road safety and traffic policing measures for the safe movement of vehicles and citizens, as well as for the prevention and prevention of accidents and of accidents throughout the road network, while in addition, meetings and public updates are held on a weekly basis.

In the context of traffic actions, in October 2023, -575- drunkenness control crews were set up, while -10,929- drunkenness investigation checks were carried out and -133- violations were found.

In addition, during the same period of time, 2,844 dangerous violations were confirmed, among others. In particular, they confirmed:

  • -1,990- for speeding,
  • -261- for not wearing a seat belt while driving,
  • -203- for K.T.E.O.,
  • -168- for not wearing a helmet while driving,
  • -73- for using a mobile phone while driving,
  • -59- for violating a signal,
  • -42- for movement in the opposite traffic flow
  • -16- for abnormal maneuvers,
  • -16- for not using child seats,
  • -12- for illegal overtaking,
  • -4- for driving with worn tires.

III. Road Safety Advice.

The Hellenic Police, particularly aware of the issues of safe driving and road safety, with the aim of contributing to the reduction of traffic accidents and accidents, reminds all drivers and road users that road safety is everyone’s business.

In this context, drivers must apply the provisions of the Road Traffic Code, drive with prudence and caution, while they must follow the instructions and advice of the Traffic staff.

When driving, we should always keep in mind that:

  • We must apply the Road Traffic Code.
  • We never drive when we have consumed alcoholic beverages.
  • Always wear a seat belt.
  • In case we drive or are passengers on a motorcycle, always wear a helmet.
  • We put children in the back seat of our car and always wear a seat belt.
  • We don’t do illegal overtaking.
  • We never run a red light.
  • We always stop at STOP and give priority.
  • We never break speed limits.
  • We don’t talk on cell phones while driving.
  • We give priority to pedestrians and people with special needs.
  • We respect the signals and instructions of the traffic controllers.
  • Before we set off on a trip, we check the vehicle we will be driving.

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