New tension in Exarchia for the cutting of trees

New tension in Exarchia for the cutting of trees
New tension in Exarchia for the cutting of trees

Strong police force at the scene

New tension in Exarchia for the cutting of trees

New tension prevails at this time in the area of ​​Exarchia due to the cutting of trees.

From early in the morning, strong police forces were lined up at the place where the tree-cutting work is being done as part of the construction of Line 4 of the Metro.

In fact, there was no lack of counterclaims with gathered residents and some arrests.

It is recalled that yesterday the Council of State rejected the requests of residents of the area to temporarily suspend the works for the construction of the subway in Exarchia due to public interest. In its rationale, the Council of State considers the environmental impacts in Exarchia to be temporary and reversible, with the replanting or replacement of the trees that will be cut down in the square.

At the same time, the issuance of a decision on the main application for cancellation filed by the 50 residents of Exarchia is expected and has already been discussed in 5th Department of the Council of Ministers.

As for cutting down the trees it has cause strong reactions, the Supreme Court of Cassation underlines that “from the data it appears that the environmental effects have been dealt with, since the vegetation on Exarchia square is fully described and the protection is recorded either by replanting temporarily, for the most part and the replanting of the trees after the completion of the work, where this is scientifically feasible, or in the opposite case, by replenishing the trees and plants with vegetation of this kind”.

The municipality of Athens for the cutting of the trees

Also yesterday, the municipality of Athens announced that 2,975 trees are expected to be planted as part of the metro works and that those located in Exarcheion Square are to be transplanted.

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