Patras: After the meat, a significant drop in the sales of fish


09 Nov 2023 13:00

It’s not expensive, people don’t have…

It is not only meat that, due to the wave of precision and price increases in all kinds, has seen its demand fall through the floor.

The sales of fish in fishmongers are down, even though there the price increases are not as big as in meat. The drop compared to other years has reached 30% and 40%, which worries professionals

According to the fishmongers, but also the fishermen who sell their fish at the market stalls, the demand since the beginning of the year has plummeted. Households are looking for fresh fish on the one hand, but at the same time they want it to be cheap, a combination that in some cases is difficult to maintain.

However, the prices of the fish depend on the species and size. There are breams that are sold at 6 and 8 euros per kilo (especially at the stalls of the lay people) and there are breams larger in kilos that reach 20 and 30 euros per kilo.

The average prices for fish and especially for those that are in demand are at a good level, according to the professionals, despite the general accuracy that exists. But sales remain in decline and this, as the professionals say, has nothing to do with the accuracy of the species, but with the fact that people are now finding it hard to make ends meet and they don’t have enough for either fish or meat.

Only for legumes and spaghetti…

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