Gathering and protest march of pensioners in the center of Lamia

Gathering and protest march of pensioners in the center of Lamia
Gathering and protest march of pensioners in the center of Lamia

In the presence of representatives of the Panhellenic Public Federations, IKA and OAEE…

The pensioners of all the funds demonstrated their opposition to what impoverishes them and makes even their survival difficult at noon on Thursday (9/11/23) in Eleftherias Square of Lamia.

The call mentioned a gathering in the square where the keynote speech was given by the representative of the Federation of Public Pensioners Soula Akzotou. Greetings were also addressed on behalf of the OAEE and IKA Pensioners’ Federations Makis Gouvas and Tasos Sklavis respectively.

A march followed to Park Square, where they renewed their appointment for the new large protest gathering in Athens on November 24. The departure of the buses will be from Park square at 8:30 in the morning no charge for transportation.

The resolution of the gathering also mentions the permanent requests of the people who are in retirement, namely:

• Increases in all pensions in line with inflation and a minimum pension of 80% of the minimum wage.

• Legislative enshrinement regulation and performance of the 13th and 14th pension.

• Integration of the personal difference in the pensions paid to all pensioners.

• To abolish the solidarity levy (AKAGE).

• To immediately recalculate all pending pensions.

• The widow’s pension to be attributed to 70% of the deceased, without any other reduction.

• To give pensions to those who owe to the Insurance Funds with debt settlement, after interest and fines are deducted, the remaining amount to be kept from their pension up to 15%.

• To abolish Municipal Fees for pensioners with an annual pension of up to 12,000 euros.

• Immediate recruitment of doctors, nurses in the Public hospitals of Central Greece, but also of the whole country.

• To create public nursing home structures.

• We sympathize with the Palestinian people for the violence they are experiencing in their struggle to secure their homeland.

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