The Municipalities of Tripoli, Gortynia and V. Kynouria among the 8 municipalities of the PED Peloponnese participating in the 38th Philoxenia International Tourism Exhibition


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Meetings with important commercial visitors, starting tomorrow and for three days, with the aim of concluding agreements so that 2024 will be an even better tourist year, will be held by the eight municipalities, which participate with the Regional Union of Municipalities of Peloponnese, in 38the International Tourism Exhibition Philoxenia, held by HELEXPO on November 11, 12 and 13, 2023, in Thessaloniki.
The same goal is served by meeting and getting to know the thousands of ordinary visitors of Philoxenia, who will pass through the gates of the event during its three days of operation.
The eight municipalities – strong tourism brands, participating with the PED Peloponnese stand at the 38the Philexenia is:
The municipality of Argos – Mycenaethe municipality of orange and one of the longest-lived with a history of 5,000 years, continuously inhabited cities, stars in mythology as well as in history… Mycenae – the richest palatial center of the Bronze Age in Greece, one of the most important monuments of Greek culture , together with the Acropolis and the kingdom of Agamemnon, make the destination distinct, unique.
The municipality of Gortyniaunites Orthodoxy with the Revolution, with the great National Liberation struggle of the Greeks… The myth, the tradition, the gentle or sometimes wild beauty of nature, and among it, the beautiful stone villages, like eagles’ nests in its mountains, its mythical rivers , its Museums, its historic Monasteries, and a distinct gastronomy and tradition, make it a great destination in winter as well.
The municipality of Gortynia is presenting at this year’s Philoxenia the Miki Theodorakis Museum of Zatouna, which is a distinctive tourist destination in Greece that highlights the fight for Democracy and Freedom. The Museum for the great Greek composer, thinker and politician Mikis Theodorakis, houses exhibits from his work and struggles, and records ever-increasing visitors, from all over Greece and abroad.
The municipality of Epidaurus, the most theatrical municipality of the country, known all over the world, a leading historical site, with the internationally renowned Asklepiion, the most famous monument in Greece after the Acropolis, in whose theater the Epidaurus festival has been held since 1954. There, the first demonstrators from all over Greece swore and co-signed the first Constitution of Greece, 202 years ago… A wonderful ensemble, with the colors of history, culture, mild tourist development, alternative forms of tourism and gastronomy . Of yesterday and the modern day.
The municipality of Hermionida – a cosmopolitan …”island”, accessible from land and sea to its visitors, offers, in addition to the natural beauty of its lacy shores, great experiences, with alternative activities, while it has a distinct position in religious, wedding and marine tourism . The Fraghthi cave, one of the most important caves in Europe, the picturesque tarsanades, the archaeological sites, the age-old olive trees, together with the Ermionis pomegranate constitute a strong brand for the region.
The municipality of Kalamata, a city alive – spread out below its castle, with its beautiful beaches, moving between … the streets of olive, gastronomy and a modern way of life. Kalamata, in the arms of the Messinian Gulf and below the imposing Taygetos, with excellent infrastructure, is a rapidly growing international tourist destination.
The municipality of Corinthiawith the wonderful beaches, with a magical nature in every way, endowed with natural attractions but also with history… Acrocorinth, the archaeological museum of Ancient Corinth, great historical burdens mixed with today… With the modern way of life, with the alternative tourism, with wonderful products distinct on the country’s culinary map…
The municipality of North Kynouria, of unique natural beauty, combines mountain and sea, history, culture and traditions. The sea alternates with olive groves, chestnut trees, fir forests. Based in Astros, with the beautiful Ano Doliana, with the tower houses of Kastanitsa with the Arcadian village, with traditional settlements and a multitude of festival events and celebrations, it is an absolutely welcoming municipality.
The municipality of Tripoli, will forever be the protagonist of the Revolution, of the National Liberation struggle of the Greeks. The city that, through its Museums and beyond, shows and teaches history, finds its pace and modern identity through its wonderful neoclassical buildings, its beautiful and bustling squares, its picturesque cafes and kitchens, with its excellent local products

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