The “enlightened minds” are leaving Greece

The “enlightened minds” are leaving Greece
The “enlightened minds” are leaving Greece

83.5% of PhDs who graduated in 2022 from Greek universities state that they do not intend to leave the country in the near future, however the rest state that they intend to settle permanently abroad to continue their research activity, for their academic career them and for professional employment in non-research jobs.

The above results from the statistics of the National Documentation and Electronic Content Center (EKT) for the PhDs that graduated from Greek Universities in 2022. It is noted that in 2022, 1,923 new PhDs were awarded from Greek HEIs.

The highest mobility abroad is recorded among PhDs in Natural Sciences (26.5%), followed by those specializing in Engineering Sciences and Technology (24.4%). The lowest mobility is recorded among those coming from two scientific fields, Humanities-Arts and Medicine-Health Sciences.

Which countries do new PhDs go to?

The USA and the UK are the countries with the most preferences of new PhDs to relocate abroad (12.3% and 11.6%, respectively), followed by Germany (10.2%), France ( 5.3%) and other EU countries (30.2%). 20% still do not know where they are likely to settle, while 4.9% of those who intend to settle abroad choose another country, apart from the aforementioned, which is not a member state of the EU and 1.8% Asia.

Investigating among the new PhDs who are oriented to settle abroad, whether they have found or are looking for a job, it turns out that 47% have already found a job, while 53% are looking.

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