The “Skills4Jobs for Electrician Automation Engineers in Central Greece” program has started

The “Skills4Jobs for Electrician Automation Engineers in Central Greece” program has started
The “Skills4Jobs for Electrician Automation Engineers in Central Greece” program has started

SEV, SVSE and IBEPE-SEV prepare young men and women to pursue careers in his professions Industry 4.0

The implementation of the “Skills4Jobs for Electrical Automation Operators in Central Greece” program, which is a joint initiative of the BSE association of businesses and industries and the Association of Industries of Central Greece (SVSE), began on Monday, November 6, 2023, in Oinophyta. This is a comprehensive action, which includes the development of technical and soft skills, consulting and employment opportunities in one of the member companies of the SBS in the Region of Central Greece.

15 young men and women who have graduated from technological and technical education participate in the action. At this stage they will attend a 144-hour training program, tailored to the needs of modern industry, in order to develop the knowledge and skills required to operate, control, maintain and repair automated industrial facilities. The training is carried out by the Institute of Industrial and Business Education and Training (IBEPE-SEV). Within the framework of the program, visits will be made to companies that are members of the SBSSE, whose executives will present real examples (case studies) and offer mentoring advice.

It should be noted that the action is offered free as part of the industry’s contribution to society and the human resources of Central Greece.

The action is implemented with his support Donors of the Ioannis S. Latsis Foundation.

THE Director of the Human Resources Development Department of SEB Mrs. Dora Oikonomou said in this regard: “Investing in human resources and especially in young men and women is necessary for the strengthening of Greek Industry and the economy. BSE implements another Skills4Jobs initiative in the region, with the aim of preparing new executives who will choose Industry for their career development. The implementation of this action in collaboration with the SBS in Central Greece is particularly important, as it concerns a Region where some of the country’s largest industries are active. We wish the participants the best of luck and a successful career in the industry.”

THE Director General of SVSE, Mr. Nikolaos Kampolis states: “We are launching the “Skills4Jobs for Electricians-Automation Engineers in Central Greece” initiative in collaboration with SEV. Through our communication with the young men and women, candidates, we realized their desire to enrich their technical knowledge and create channels for their professional rehabilitation in the Greek industry. The program comes to listen to the needs, on the one hand, of young people, on the other hand of the member businesses of our Association, which guarantees the organization of other such actions to align employment needs with the technical training of the country’s workforce. Helper in this project is the Ioannis S. Latsis Nonprofit Foundation, to which we are deeply grateful.”

THE Mr Haris Kyriazis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IVEPE-SEV states: “IBEPE-SEB is a non-profit organization that is the arm of BSE in the field of continuing professional training. It mainly focuses on offering training programs and corresponding certifications that are not available from other providers to the extent that the market needs them. In this context, the present Skills4Jobs model initiative is designed to pave the way for a more comprehensive coverage of the real and pressing needs of industry and other sectors that currently suffer from a lack of adequately qualified technical personnel. Its success will essentially contribute to the removal of one of the obstacles to the development of the production potential in our country.”

About the Skills4Jobs initiative

It is a new dynamic initiative of the BSE that aims to provide human resources with the knowledge and skills required by modern, organized and extroverted businesses and to connect the country’s youth with the labor market (for more information see here).

The “Skills4Jobs for Electrical Automation Engineers in Central Greece” is implemented in collaboration with SVSE, is aimed at young people who have recently graduated from technological and technical education and includes:

  1. Development of technical skills from the IVEPE-SEV,
  2. Developing soft skills (soft skills),
  3. Consulting & Mentoringand
  4. Employment opportunities for at least six months with competitive wages in companies that are members of the SBSSE.

The article is in Greek

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