Weather – Western Greece: Rain from Friday in Patra, Aegialia, Ilia and Etoloakarnania

Weather – Western Greece: Rain from Friday in Patra, Aegialia, Ilia and Etoloakarnania
Weather – Western Greece: Rain from Friday in Patra, Aegialia, Ilia and Etoloakarnania

Rainy weather is expected weather from friday in almost all regions of Western Greece, with the forecast that from Friday in the Ionian and Western Peloponnese there will be no shortage of local storms accompanied by lightning and lightning.

As had reported since Mondaysuccessive waves of rain are expected that will start from Friday afternoon until Monday noon, there will be periods of sunshine during this period.

The experienced forecaster meteorologist Nikos Theodosopoulos analyzes today’s available forecast data for Western Greece:

in Achaia, starting from Aegialia, from Friday from 18.00 to midnight it will drop 10-15 millimeters of rain and locally even 20. On Saturday no rain is expected and the winds will be south-westerly. On Sunday it will be cloudy with short intervals of sunshine and 5-7 mm of rain, i.e. drizzle. However, on Monday, with the change of day early in the morning until noon, 10-20 millimeters of rain is expected.

Focusing on Patras, the city will receive a triple wave of rain but will also have periods of sunshine. On Friday after noon and until the early evening hours, 20-25 millimeters of rain and locally even 30 millimeters are expected. Winds will blow southwest 3-4 Beaufort. Saturday through midday sunny intervals are possible but with SW winds 4-5 Beaufort. From Saturday afternoon we will have a total amount of rain of 15-20 millimeters with more intense effects on the Rio side. On Sunday there will be an alternation of thin clouds with periods of sunshine without rain. However, from late Sunday night and Monday morning, 10-15 mm of rain is forecast but will stop by midday.

In Etoloakarnania, Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon, 24-hour rainfall totals will be 35-45mm, with local rainfall of 55. Sunday will be sunny and rain again 20-25 late Monday night through the morning millimeters.

In Ilia, Friday afternoon to midnight, 30-40mm of rain. On Saturday the rainfall will weaken to 5-7 mm and on Sunday evening hours until Monday at noon the total amount of rain will reach 10-15 mm.

From Tuesday, northerly winds return and the weather will improve. But on the two days of November 17-18, a new wave of rainfall is expected.

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