Facebook and Instagram with a 9.99 euro subscription in Greece


Now in Greece as well, Facebook and Instagram users are required to pay a subscription of 9.99 euros per month if they do not want to be “bombarded” by advertisements on Meta’s platforms. Those who want, can now pay a subscription to Meta.

This is how the subscription option became available in Greece – optionally – for 9.99 euros per month for those who do not want their data to be used for advertisements. Subscription removes all ads on both social networks.

This option also exists in other European Union countries and comes in compliance with the new EU rules.

Meta is notifying all users of the two networks of their options: Either access for free with their data used for targeted advertising, or pay a subscription to avoid seeing ads.

Check out the subscription messages on Facebook and Instagram:


The payment amounts to 9.99 euros per month for those who make the payment through the browser. If someone signs up through the app on iOS or Android, the subscription is 12.99 euros per month due to fees imposed by Apple and Google.

It is noted that initially the subscription supports linked accounts. That is, the connection that one can make between Facebook and Instagram. But it continues: From March 1, 2024 each connected account will require an additional 6 euros (via browser) or an additional 8 euros (via app).

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