Sidibe: “To come to Greece you must not have a heart attack”

Sidibe: “To come to Greece you must not have a heart attack”
Sidibe: “To come to Greece you must not have a heart attack”

Djibril Sidibe spoke to his hometown media about the games with Marseille, the difference between Greece and Monaco and his decision to come to AEK.

THE Jibril Sidibe talk to “Equipe» in the context of tonight’s match AEK with the Marseille for his 4th matchday Europa League and referred to the first match with her Marseillehis move from Monaco in Hellas and how he finally chose to come to “Union” last summer, rejecting proposals from groups such as Wolfsburg and the Fiorentina.

What Sidibe said in detail:

For the first game:

“In Marseille, our tactics didn’t work well and there was a hesitation from some players. They came to the Velodrome, they saw the amazing choreo, but you had to go in and play straight away, there was no time for… admiration.”

On his move from Monaco to Greece:

“When you move from Monaco to Greece, you shouldn’t have a heart problem. Fans light flares, firecrackers go off everywhere. On average, crosses in our home games start 8 minutes late as you can’t see any of the smoke. They throw flares during the match. I had never seen this before. There are restrictions on European games and the atmosphere is more classic.”

Regarding how he chose AEK last summer, he pointed out:

“I had a lot of contacts, but I was hoping for something better, I was playing with fire. I didn’t take the financial situation with the coronavirus seriously. I turned down offers from Wolfsburg, Fiorentina, because of the financial terms or the European perspective. It was bad for me, weeks went by and I only got knocks from second-tier teams. AEK came with a project to become number 1 in Greece and I don’t regret my choice”.

His message for the French national team:

“I’m doing everything to wear this jersey, sooner or later.”

The article is in Greek


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