Adonis Georgiadis apologized to the relatives of the victims in…

Adonis Georgiadis apologized to the relatives of the victims in…
Adonis Georgiadis apologized to the relatives of the victims in…

Adonis Georgiadis went on to clarify his statement yesterday about the tragedy in Tempi, asking apology from the relatives of the victims. Alongside accused his political opponents and SYRIZA trolls of distorting what he said in his radio interview.

Speaking to StatusFm, the Labor Minister specifically said: “Regarding my statement there are reactions from two categories of people. As for people who have victims in this tragedy, to them I apologize, because they may be overly sensitive and anything related to the matter touches them too strongly. And to them I can only once again express my sincere condolences”. “obviously they twisted what I said”.

“It has nothing to do with what is being conveyed. I did not say that the world is not interested in the Tempe accident, in the dead in Tempe. Obviously the world is interested in the accident and in the dead and in the responsibilities. The responsibilities are being investigated by the Justice, in an ongoing investigation. What I said is to the question whether there should be a Pre-Investigation or an Investigation, which was done by either Mr. Hatzinikolaou or Mr. Delatolas. I consider this not to be a matter that concerns the people. It is not the first topic of discussion today whether we should do Pre-Investigation or Inquiry on Tempi and that this is a navel-gazing of the opposition for political exploitation. One thing another another” added the Minister of Labor.

He wondered, in fact, “about such a tragedy, should we now seriously discuss and fight in the Parliament about whether it should be a Pre-Investigation or an Investigation, this is what is being asked for those who are really interested in preventing such a tragedy from happening again in Greece accident? Is that what it’s all about?”.

Responding to the question of whether he would express his opinion differently if he could turn back time, Mr. Georgiadis said:

“I know very well what I said. If the journalists present thought that I said what is reported, wouldn’t they stop me? Wouldn’t they tell me what you are saying? No question was asked by either one because it was obvious what I said. At the end of the conversation, one can say whatever he wants. The Greek people are interested in Tempi, we are all interested in the accident and that it never happens again. As far as possible criminal responsibilities are concerned, the Greek judiciary is investigating them and will decide. it’s about a political conflict just to get political benefits, no, that’s not what I think it’s about.”

Earlier, with his post on X, which was accompanied by the front pages of the “Demokratia” and “Avgi” newspapers, Mr. Georgiadis expanded that “I did not say that “no one is interested in Tempi” as it is falsely and fraudulently written but ” no one is interested in the Pre-Investigation or the Inquest for Tempi”.

Commenting on the publications of the specific newspapers, he wrote: “And yet today two front pages of supposedly “sensitive” newspapers are playing with the pain of the people who lost their own people in order to hit the Government, proving the validity of my initial argument and why ” they remembered “suddenly now in Syriza and what purpose they really serve”.

His post in detail

There is no greater vulgarity and depravity in Politics than trying to win votes over human tragedies. In reality, that is, where your fellow citizens are experiencing pain and mourning, you should be looking for political gain. This is what I did yesterday @Realfm978 and today with the political exploitation being attempted I am simply justified. I didn’t tell him @NChatzinikolaou that “no one is interested in Tempi” as it is falsely and fraudulently written, but “no one is interested in the Pre-Investigation or the Investigation for Tempi” i.e. in the political tug-of-war of the Opposition parties regarding the tragedy. This terrible accident as such is being investigated by the Greek Justice and they will tell us who is to blame and who is not, the Parliamentary process is obviously taking place for other reasons since before the Justice decides it has absolutely no meaning other than the Opposition fuss. And yet today two front pages of supposedly “sensitive” newspapers play with the pain of people who lost their own people to hit the Government proving the validity of my original argument and why they suddenly “remembered” it now in Syriza and for what real purpose they serve. We will insist on fighting the daily battle to solve the many problems that the world faces and that we have been entrusted to solve. I do not give my human sensitivity to either the one or the other newspaper and of course I once again express my sincere condolences to the relatives of the victims.

His statement yesterday

It is recalled that yesterday Adonis Georgiadis’ statement caused strong reactions, both on social media and from relatives of the victims.

“Kyriakos Mitsotakis enjoys unprecedented political sovereignty. In my opinion, the main reason he has this sovereignty is because all his political opponents have decided – I don’t know for what reasons – instead of dealing with what really interests the Greeks, to they deal with things that concern no one, except their microcosm. That is, today in Greece, how many of our 100 fellow citizens do you think, if we ask them, are interested in an investigative or pre-investigative commission for Tempi. And how many are interested in accuracy, how many care about their child getting a job, how many care about immigration, how many care about security?” said Adonis Georgiadis characteristically.

“People have let Mitsotakis be the only politician in Greece who deals with the real problems. He doesn’t do everything perfectly, he makes both right and wrong, but anyway if you look at it from afar, which politician deals with the real problems in Greece , is the next one, Mitsotakis. What they are doing is suicidal for themselves. They are dealing with issues that do not concern anyone in Greece,” he added, underlining that the same applies to wiretapping.

Aries: Overcame his worst self

“Mr. Georgiadis must immediately apologize, primarily to the relatives of the victims. In any case, we hand him over to the judgment of the citizens,” SYRIZA-PS spokeswoman Dora Avgeri said in a statement about what the Minister of Labor said.

Dora Avgeri called on the prime minister to take a position on whether he agrees with the statements of Adonis Georgiadis and emphasized that “now, in the government they cannot hide their cynicism and inhumanity, just as they cannot hide the truth”.

PASOK: His statements are a monument of cynicism and arrogance

“The statements of Labor Minister Adonis Georgiadis on the train tragedy in Tempi are a monument of cynicism and arrogance,” PASOK said in a statement.

At the same time, he pointed out that “for the New Democracy government, the dead in Tempe “do not concern” public opinion” and underlines that this is a cynical logic with which “they bypassed the criminal absence of the state and the ministerial responsibilities, when Antonis Karyotis was murdered in the port of Piraeus and Michalis Katsouris in New Philadelphia from the invasion of Croatian hooligans”.

PASOK-KINAL aimed its arrows at the prime minister underlining: “Obviously we do not expect Mr. Mitsotakis to disapprove and send his minister home. He holds the baton of arrogance and intemperance. He proved it when from the floor of the Parliament he accused a chairman of an independent authority for a “personal agenda”, attempting direct intervention”.

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