Patras: The general “cutting” of debts does not stop electronic auctions

Patras: The general “cutting” of debts does not stop electronic auctions
Patras: The general “cutting” of debts does not stop electronic auctions

09 Nov 2023 11:00

The first residence remains unprotected…

And while the debt-cutting debate is just getting started, what accountants and lawyers who have closely followed the issue of bad loans say are that the auctions will continue and essentially not much will change for the households at risk. to lose their home or part of their property.

It mainly concerns a small portion of borrowers who have a low income and are considered to be part of financially vulnerable households. According to experienced lawyers who have dealt with the issue, the out-of-court mechanism can never and under no circumstances be in favor of the debtor and help households fight to avoid losing their home, which in many cases is their first home. residence.

“If the government wants to save the first residence, it should immediately reinstate the Katseli law. Only through the courts and the Greek justice system can appropriate solutions be provided for vulnerable households that cannot meet their installments,” stress lawyers who read the bill on debt relief.

The “dictatorship” of the funds ends

For their part, the accountants recognize that a measure is being introduced in the relations of funds and servicers with debtors. “Until now, the creditors did what they wanted and they were the ones who judged the proposal of the extrajudicial mechanism. Now this is changing and this is the important thing in terms of creditor and debtor relations”.

However, the electronic auctions will continue and already in Achaia alone dozens have been set to take place in the coming months.

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