Polakis against Stathakis: “Georgos is cunning”

Polakis against Stathakis: “Georgos is cunning”
Polakis against Stathakis: “Georgos is cunning”

In his post on social media, he describes the article by George Stathakis as “tear-wet” and quotes the lyrics of a well-known song “Georgos is wicked, and don’t eat what he says”.

He asks Giorgos Stathakis who was the author of the government program in 2021 and accuses him of asking that last February a person he does not name be excluded from the SYRIZA ballots.

Mr. Polakis reserves to respond at another time “to the repeated miserable characterizations of me and others” and accuses him of seeking to harm SYRIZA.

What George Stathakis writes in his article

With the article that angered Pavlos Polakis, Mr George Stathakis says goodbye to him SYRIZA.

He emphasizes that the “journey of SYRIZA” ended once and for all with the election of Stefanos Kasselakis and adds that in the internal party elections, he “represented his ‘populist’ trend, the ‘Members’ Movement'” (N. Papas, R. Dourou, P. Polakis, Th. Tzakri, etc.) and the new recruits (Antonaros, etc.)”.

Mr. Stathakis in his article on news247 attributes, among other things, to the “populists” shift towards the center and the weaning of SYRIZA from the Left, he adds that they are “friendly” in customer relations and that their political discourse is focused on “Anti-Mitsotakism ».

“Against this background, the victory of the “Kasselakis trend” definitively turns SYRIZA towards “populism” and the political and ideological revival of a party that resembles the past, – out of place and time now, “traditional PASOK” ‘”.

For himself Stefanos Kasselakisstates that he is an “apolitical fluid figure (a fan of Mitsotakis, he voted for Papandreou, but in the end he is a Leftist)”, characterizes his ideas as “cloudy” and adds that his central political promise is summed up in the phrase: “the “American dream “in Greek version”.

“Kasselakis invests in the Trumpian fantasy of an unmediated relationship with the masses, of “I speak to society directly and I don’t need the party,” he emphasizes.

He parallels developments in SYRIZA with the strengthening of populist forms in other countries, specifically mentioning political leaders such as Bepe Grillo, Volodymyr Zelensky and Donald Trump.

Mr. Stathakis writes about the “bitter end” of SYRIZA saying that the journey ended “in the worst possible way”.

He characterizes the “parasification of SYRIZA” as a dead end and underlines that the Left has no place in the “Kasselakis-Pappas-Polaks party”.

“For the Left, the ultimate moment has arrived. The political question is insurmountable. The political strategy of “2023 defeat” became the dominant policy of the next day in SYRIZA. With elements of “ridicule” now, “populism” declares that it is determined to proceed in any way, with the same strategy of uncompromising “anti-Mitsotaki populism”, lawsuits, and requests for the resignation of ministers. All dialogue of substance has lost its scope. Every concept of a red line has already been trampled, before the election of the President and after. Unfortunately, the Left has no place in the “Kasselakis-Papa-Polaks party”.

Regarding the future of the Left, he emphasizes that it remains unknown. He does not rule out the possibility of a tangible political venture, stating that the leftist audience that left SYRIZA in 2023 is large.

“Leftists and Leftists will judge and there are many of us,” concludes Mr. Stathakis in his article.

The article is in Greek

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