The second youth of Jose Angel Crespo

The second youth of Jose Angel Crespo
The second youth of Jose Angel Crespo

He is 36 years old. He has played in ten different professional teams. He played in the Primera Division, Serie A and the Premier League. He has the most appearances in the Greek Super League (212 appearances with the PAOK shirt).

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His competitive consistency with APOEL and his second youth in Cyprus, create a new strong page in his football history since APOEL is now the second team in the ranking of his participations.

The Spanish central defender played in 42 games for the blue and yellow last year and was first in minutes played in the league with 3,209. This year he also started as a starter but an injury to him, the moment he scored the goal against Dila Gori cost him the absence of 6 matches. He’s 7 out of 10 in the league so far and if he doesn’t get injured or if he doesn’t complete cards it’s hard to see him sitting on the bench.

In total he reached 52 appearances and if he continues like this then the dilemma of “do you renew to a 37-year-old or not” will not exist.

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