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The first Christmas tree in the country was lit – In Tripoli, when?

The first Christmas tree in the country was lit – In Tripoli, when?
The first Christmas tree in the country was lit – In Tripoli, when?

Hyper-consumerism is reinforced during the Christmas season when people go to the markets en masse and do shopping, spending considerable amounts on decorations and gifts.

Multinationals have led consumers to make early purchases thereby lengthening the festive seasons and by extension the shopping seasons.

Even in the city of Tripoli, the shop windows with decorations have been dressed in their festive colors since October 28. Lanterns and ornaments, Santas and Rudolph greet us before winter is well and truly upon us.

It is no longer a tradition to decorate a tree in October or November, but it is a trend.

Even the municipalities have entered the Christmas spirit, with the crews of the municipality of Tripoli having already started placing decorations on the electric lighting poles on Nafpliou Street.

The first Christmas tree, 13 meters high, was lit in Taxiarchis Halkidiki with fireworks and tunes from the Philharmonic.

As for the lighting of the Christmas tree in Tripoli, we will have to wait, fortunately.

The aim is for the event to light the fir tree to take place at the beginning of December as usual. We should mention that in 2022 the event took place on Tuesday, December 13, while this year it is estimated that it will take place earlier.

When the trees will be cut and placed in the city squares is determined by the Forestry Department, which does not allow cutting trees before November 30.

Everything in its time and… lanterns in December, then. Those of you who have already gotten into the Christmas mood and decorated, you can send us relevant photos so we can see how many Tripolitanians are feeling the Xmas Spirt well in advance.

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