700,000 euros for projects in Arcadia

700,000 euros for projects in Arcadia
700,000 euros for projects in Arcadia

Contracts with the contractors of two projects in Arcadiawith a total budget of 700,000 euros, was signed by the regional governor of Peloponnese, Panagiotis Nikas, yesterday morning, Wednesday, November 8, at the offices of the Region, in Tripoli.

Specifically, the regional governor P. Nikas signed an agreement with the contractor of the second phase of the works in stadium of EPS Arcadiain Nestani, with which the aforementioned sports center is completed.

In the context of this new contract, the signing of which was attended by the members of the EPSA administration as well as the deputy governor Christos Lambropoulos, the construction of changing rooms, stands, press galleries, sanitary facilities is plannedas well electric lightingand electrical and sound installations.

The second contract agreement, the regional governor signed with his contractor with a project budget of 300,000 euros for the upgrading the safety of the road network of Arcadiaespecially on Mountainous Areas of the Regional Unit.


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