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Marousakis: When does a noticeable drop in temperature come?


Rains are expected today in the eastern and continental parts, while northerlies will also prevail strong winds where will the locally the 5-6 Beaufort. At the same time, temperature will have a fall in 22-25 degrees Celsius. These are the key elements for the weather today, Thursday, according to the forecast of Open meteorologist Clearchos Marousakis.

In Attica there will be clouds which may also give local rains and the temperature it will drop to 23 degrees Celsius.

Accordingly, at Thessaloniki there will be intermittent clouds and Vardaris winds at 5-6 Beaufort winds in Thermaikos, while from noon it will begin to recede. The cold will be a little more intense as the temperature will range up to 20 degrees.

Two waves of bad weather affect the country

From tomorrow, friday one is coming organised bad weather from the area of ​​Italy and we will have a passage of rain and storms.

On Saturday the phenomena will be limited to eastern and southern Aegean and the weather will improve on Sunday.

From next Monday he will also come again a new wave of bad weather.

As the meteorologist points out, we are entering a more autumn seasonwhile points out that winter will start on December 21.

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