“Everything converges to the fact that the police abused the 16-year-old”

“Everything converges to the fact that the police abused the 16-year-old”
“Everything converges to the fact that the police abused the 16-year-old”

“All the indications converge on the fact that the police officers brutally abused the 16-year-old in Neo Heraklion”, argued, the Lawyer of the girl who was seriously injured in the head during incidents on 28/10 in Neo Heraklion, where an anti-fascist concert was taking place in the Theater at the ISAP station, Annie Paparrousou.

From her side, the Greek Police maintains that it is not involved in the girl’s injury.

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Thursday morning (9/11), speaking on his morning show MEGAMrs. Paparrousou stated that:

“The girl is not in a condition to testify, but what I can tell you is that despite the denials of ELAS trade unionists and the Minister of Public Order who stated that the police have no responsibility for the incident, all the evidence converges to the view that the police brutalized this girl and went to the hospital with very heavy injuries.

From the analysis of the incidents that we and the family do together, it follows that there is no way he was hit by a falli.e. the version supported by ELAS.

This also follows from forensics exhibition which was quickly done, in which the girl is reported to have been beaten, by blunt organ and the injuries present on her body result from arrest (here the forensic examiner means that they caught her with their hands and these exudations are recorded in the forensic report)”.

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The Court is even considering “attempted murder”

Mrs. Paparrousou, in fact, added that, “when her mother went to the hospital, the hospital was guarded by armored police officers from the OPKE group, the competent police officers assured her that there was no problem and later a case file was formed, by the same police officers who were there, from the OPKE group, with which her are attributed heavy categories, that he belonged to a group that clashed with the police. They blame her too each individually requesting her criminal prosecutionon the grounds that there is a very high probability that he belongs to a group that colluded with the police”.

As he explains, “in principle, it’s inappropriate when you find a girl in this situation to prosecute her based on one possibility. However, this case file, which contains some material, compiled from the point of view of ELAS, is accompanied by its parallel transmission to the Internal Affairs of ELAS and a Preliminary Administrative Examination is already being conducted. ELAS itself therefore already maintains very serious fears that this incident was caused by abuse suffered by the girl by the police.

At the same time, the head of the Athens First Instance Prosecutor’s Office orders preliminary examination with the questions of whether the offenses of grievous bodily harm or attempted homicide have been committed”.

“She was targeted for her dress,” complains the 16-year-old’s mother

In a complaint that the 16 years old girl, who was injured during the anti-fascist demonstration in Neo Heraklion (28.10.2023), fell victim beatingher family proceeded with announcement which he made public.

Specifically, her mother stated that the doctors who examined her, as well medical examinercertified that the child was beaten, while he notes that when he asked why the 16-year-old faced the possibility of arrest, he received an answer from the police that “incriminated” by her outfit, which impersonated the group that attacked soldiers.

She reported that although she was initially told that there was no possibility of arrest, she was eventually informed to the contrary while the girl was in ICU because of the injuries to his head.

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He points out that OPKE even monitored the emergency rooms. The family was informed by the Police that the 16-year-old was found unconscious by officers and not earlier, while the mother complains that she did not receive any information upon discharge. The young woman was examined after her discharge on neurosurgeon Mr. Papanikolaou, who also certified him beating.

Read her family’s statement in detail here.

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