Google: The News Showcase has also arrived in Greece

Google: The News Showcase has also arrived in Greece
Google: The News Showcase has also arrived in Greece

Google announced today the availability in Greece of Google News Showcase, a licensing program for editing and selecting news on the internet.

As announced, among the publishing organizations that signed a contract with Google News Showcase in Greece are 24 MEDIA, AtticaMedia Group, DPG Digital Media Group, iefimerida, Kathimerini, Liquid Media, Newsit, Proto Thema, and The Huffington Post Greece.

Globally, Google News Showcase has agreements with over 2,500 publishers and is available in 23 countries, including the US, France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, the UK Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Romania and Slovenia.

In Google News Showcase, publishers can choose to use an additional feature where Google pays for readers’ access to content that would normally require a subscription. Thus, readers can get free access to articles that they would not have been able to see before and learn more about the medium so that they may become subscribers.

Cooperation with the news industry in Greece

The availability of News Showcase in Greece is the latest example of Google’s collaboration with publishers and journalists. Through the Google News Initiative, it has collaborated in innovation programs with 12 news centers in the country, while through the Google Newslab, it has trained over 1,000 professionals in the news industry in digital skills. At the same time, in collaboration with FT Strategies, it gave Greek news centers access to programs and workshops aimed at developing new business models in the digital age.

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