Thessaloniki: 3 express buses enter – With 122 new routes

Thessaloniki: 3 express buses enter – With 122 new routes
Thessaloniki: 3 express buses enter – With 122 new routes

The immediate measures and actions to limit the impacts from the construction of the FlyOver

In the context of the official presentation of the project “Upgrading the Eastern Inner Regional of Thessaloniki through a Public-Private Partnership”, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Christina Alexopoulou, presented the immediate measures and actions implemented by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to limit the possible impacts on traffic, during the construction stage of the FlyOver.

Specifically, Ms. Alexopoulou spoke at the launch three new Express bus lineswhich offer a total 122 new routes, with the aim of effectively serving the citizens of Thessaloniki. He also announced the replacement of 16 old leased buses of the OASTH with newer articulated oneswhile the replacement of 20 old regular buses with newer generation articulated buses is being considered.

In addition, the Deputy Minister of Transport pointed out the completion of the ASEP recruitment competition 150 new drivers, as well as the additional recruitment of 20 drivers through internal transfer to OASTH. He also presented the plan for the integration of 110 pure electric buses into the OASTH force within the first half of 2024.

Finally, Ms. Alexopoulou referred to the passing of an amendment on 19/10/2023 for the extension until 31/12/2024 of the temporary assignment of the transport project to OASTH.

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