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The Northern Lights became visible from northern Greece on the evening of Sunday, November 9 – What is the cause of the phenomenon – When will we see it again

Enchanting images arrived in our country on Sunday night where the Northern Lights lit up the sky of the country. A strong chance of stronger phenomena on Wednesday, November 8. According to scientists, geomagnetic storms are expected to cause similar events until November 10.

The phenomenon was noticed on Sunday night in Europe and was of extraordinary proportions, while the photos that have come to light, from Finland, are causing shock and awe.

Sebastian Sainio

It is recalled that the Northern lights appeared in the sky of Serres, Xanthi and many parts of Northern Greece.

How did Yannis Kallianos explain the phenomenon of appearance in Greece

The Northern lights it looks like a huge fiery front, but it’s actually the Northern Lights. The reason it reached the Balkans is, according to the first estimates, due to an extremely strong solar flare, which resulted in a strong geomagnetic storm over the Northern Hemisphere.

Statistically, it is practically and scientifically impossible for the Northern Lights to reach the southernmost latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, as it is usually a phenomenon only visible in the Scandinavian countries, which are closer to the North Pole.

See what Yannis Kallianos says about the Northern Lights phenomenon:

According to the scientific explanation, the red color of the Northern Lights is due to collisions of lower energy particles with oxygen atoms at high altitudes, after intense solar activity that causes a huge ejection of solar plasma from the surface of the Sun and which is directed towards the Earth.

However, when higher energy particles collide with oxygen atoms at lower altitudes, the result is the production of photons that emit a green color.

The explanation from the National Observatory

According to the National Observatory the aurora is a phenomenon that rarely seen in our country and is generally caused by strong magnetic storms.

“Last night, November 5, 2023, an aurora was observed from areas of northern Greece, a phenomenon that we rarely observe in our country. Auroras at such low latitudes occurs only during strong magnetic storms. Magnetic storms are caused by disturbances in the geomagnetic field as it interacts with our sun’s magnetic field (via the solar wind).”first highlighted in the National Observatory post.

It then states: “The magnetic storm recorded yesterday is characterized by intensity G3 (on the scale from G1 to G5). The aurora is created by high-energy electrons, which, as they move helically along the dynamic lines of the geomagnetic field, sometimes approach the upper atmosphere of the Earth, collide with atoms and molecules of nitrogen and oxygen and excite them energetically. Excited atoms and molecules, in order to return to the original, stable state of energy balance, emit the excess energy in the form of visible radiation”.

Regarding its red color, the scientists of the National Observatory report: “The red color of the aurora is emitted by excited atomic oxygen during its collision with electrons in the Earth’s magnetosphere.
The aurora form can be likened to moving, brilliant, colored celestial curtains of light.
The intensity of a magnetic storm is described by the geomagnetic index Dst, which expresses the change in the Earth’s magnetic field, as measured on the ground. Yesterday’s value fell to -165 nT, which characterizes a strong magnetic storm”.

The Northern Lights have reappeared in Greece 20 years ago

Meteorologist Panagiotis Giannopoulos speaking to pointed out that this is not an unprecedented phenomenon. As is already known, it appears in northern latitudes, such as the North Pole and Scandinavia, while in Greece it has appeared a few times.

“The last time it appeared in Greece was in 2003, it was recorded by an astrophotographer from Evia. It is possible that it had also appeared in 2001. Reports that it had been seen in the country were also made in 1940 and 1870. In the last 150 years it has appeared about 10 to 12 times”, revealed Mr. Yiannopoulos.

In fact, the phenomenon also occurs on other planets where there is an atmosphere.

Sebastian Sainio

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