Volos: New video document of the abduction of the infant – The images are shocking

Volos: New video document of the abduction of the infant – The images are shocking
Volos: New video document of the abduction of the infant – The images are shocking

An investigator and a prosecutor received today new video material that shows everything that happened on the fateful Saturday night in Volos, where a 4-month-old baby met a tragic death when a motorcycle ran over the grandfather who was holding him in his arms, at the junction of Iasonos and Antonopoulou streets.

In the video presented by gegonota.news, the 54-year-old grandfather can be clearly seen as he attempts to cross the road, at a point where there is no crosswalk.

The fatal ten seconds with the grandfather in the middle of the road and the speed of the motorcycle driven by the 33-year-old are recorded in the video that has seen the light of day

The grandfather holds the child in his arms and stands almost in the middle of the road, looking for the right moment to cross, while cars and bikes pass him, as the traffic light, a few meters away from the scene of the accident, is green.

Image from another angle

The images are shocking

For 10 seconds he remains motionless on the road making small movements back and forth. As the 54-year-old starts, the 33-year-old approaches with the motorbike, honks his horn and hits him on the back with the mirror, maneuvering to avoid him.

“It was the fatal ten seconds of indecision, with the little movements back and forth and the baby in the arms. The machine did not ram him, but hit him from behind with the mirror. Earlier, a delivery man had overtaken the 54-year-old. As soon as he passed him, the grandfather stopped in the middle of the road”, said sources who examined the video in detail.

Watch the shocking video – Cruel images

Source: gegonota.news

The analysis of experts

Live News expert analysis of the timing of the tragedy sheds more light on the accident that rocked the country, with a 4-month-old baby boy hitting his head and taking his last breath prematurely, unfairly and unexpectedly.

As experts explain, the 33-year-old driver of the machine had no time to react from one point onwards. He could not turn the steering wheel sharply, as a car driver would probably do to avoid a collision.

Once he reached this point there was no time limit. Even an instinctive move was impossible to change course in less than 2 seconds.

The estimations

“If we take into account that for another two seconds at least the pedestrian was visible on the road, it means that the driver thought that the pedestrian would continue on his way and not stop. This is a big mistake,” said legal expert Christos Glavopoulos to MEGA.

According to the initial estimates of analysts, it was running from 45 to 55 kilometers per hour. A speed that may not sound high, but still effectively ties the driver’s hands in such a situation.

The Chronicles

Saturday evening on Iasonos Street, in the heart of Volos. The grandfather, as the Live News video document shows, stays on the road for a total of 10.5 seconds.

He tightly holds the little angel in his arms with both hands, but this will not be enough. A motorcycle passes him and he himself seems to start to cross the road as quickly as possible. But it only takes 3 steps before stopping.

The lights and the sound of the machine “freeze” his movements.

For 1.7 seconds, as the analysis shows, he remains motionless on the asphalt and sees the machine coming towards him in a daze.

After the accident, the machine can be seen moving for a few meters without a driver on the asphalt.

It is the moment when there is pandemonium on Iasonos Street, with the infant’s grandmother running to the spot where her granddaughter had thrown herself and taking the first taxi to the hospital.

Unfortunately, this did not happen last Saturday night. If the driver had seen the grandfather and the baby at that point, experts are sure that the accident would have been avoided.

“Had he braked in time, the driver would have stopped 46 meters before the drift,” said Mr. Glavopoulos.

Everything went wrong that night, with a little angel losing his life and the images of the tragedy just as shocking, 3 days after the accident.

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