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See where the 12 new cameras for the bus lanes are

See where the 12 new cameras for the bus lanes are
See where the 12 new cameras for the bus lanes are

OASA, in collaboration with the Traffic Police, proceeded to install 12 new traffic control cameras in the bus lanes, which have already started and “cut fines”.

The saturation of the roads with vehicles has led to traffic being truly one of the most difficult equations anyone trying to get around the capital can face. Drivers face a seemingly endless traffic jam on the roads most hours of the day and this brings them to the “need” to break the law.

The illegality is that they use the bus lanes to get to their destination a little faster – but this causes a number of other problems, most importantly disrupting public transport timetables. In other words, city buses and trams are delayed, “de-coordinating” the frequency of routes.

Road Cameras Athens

To address this problem, the state is moving in the direction of enforcing the law by technical means, increasing by 12 the cameras operating in Athens, in order to more effectively control and prevent the use of bus lanes by I drivers. .X.

According to the information of the Traffic, these cameras operate every day, during the hours when public transport serves the public and also on Saturday from 06:00 to 16:00. The new cameras have been installed in various parts of Lef. Vasilissis Sofias (5), Kifissias (1), Mesogeion (3) and Alexandras (3) and they literally photograph the offenders.

Road Cameras Athens

Then, after cross-checking the data, the summons for the payment of the fine of 200 euros is sent to the address of the owner of the vehicle. The photo shows the speed of movement, the place where the offense was recorded, the date and time.

We remind you that in the event that a vehicle is parked in a bus lane (Exclusive Bus Lane), apart from the fine of 200 euros, the KOK provides for the removal of the plates and also for its removal from the spot with a crane – which means that the costs for its recovery are skyrocketing.


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