Crete: Worrying data on the underground water table – Non-existent rains

Crete: Worrying data on the underground water table – Non-existent rains
Crete: Worrying data on the underground water table – Non-existent rains

Representative and extremely worrying are the figures that show the situation that has developed in Crete this year due to lack of rainfall. According to them, underground aquifer in several areas it has decreased noticeably while at the same time large dams are running dry of water as the days pass.

According to the information he provided in Radio Crete and in Manolis Argyraki’s show, the head of the water department of the Decentralized Administration of Crete, Angeliki Martinou, the underground aquifer in the area of Viannu is at -10 meters compared to the beginning of the year, while a typical example is the area of Fates where in recent years the station placed there is in the air as the underground aquifer level is about 8 to 10 meters below it.

The number from the is also worrying Drum stick where the level of the underground aquifer is at -7 meters while in Keri it is at -4.

They are emptying the dams

Equally characteristic of the situation and the lack of moisture is the fact that now the Faneromeni Dam it has been emptied since today, according to Mrs. Martinou, it only holds 2 million cubic meters of water out of the 17 that is its capacity.

At the same time, the level in the Phramianan Dam is at 9.5 million cubic meters of water, while last year at the same time there were 13.5 million inside the dam.

The lack rainfall in Crete should mobilize DEWA, ​​noted the Head of the Water Directorate and noted that they should have alternative solutions based on their management plans.

The rains this year are minimal said Mrs. Martinou, referring to all four regional units of the island.

Specifically for the east of the city of Heraklion, he said that while last year (until today) 90 millimeters of water had fallen this year, only 6 have fallen.

In Rethymno last year 53 fell, while this year only 20 fell.’

183 millimeters of water fell last year in Agios Nikolaos, while this year only 5.

The only area that presents a better picture compared to last year is Chania where 32 millimeters of water had fallen, while this year 70 have fallen.

In closing, Mrs. Martinou noted that these days the DEYA submits to the decentralized administration of Crete their management plan which is checked by the competent agency and their approval is expected by the end of the year.

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