The “nail” Marinakis for Haris Doukas and the trees in Exarchia

The “nail” Marinakis for Haris Doukas and the trees in Exarchia
The “nail” Marinakis for Haris Doukas and the trees in Exarchia

Government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis made it clear that the government will not back down on the construction of the metro in Exarchia, pointing his arrows at the protesting residents as well as Haris Doukas.

The issue of the cutting of trees in Exarcheion Square, which caused strong reactions from the residents of the area and the intervention of the elected mayor of Athens Haris Doukas, did not go unnoticed in the briefing of the political editors by the government representative Pavlos Marinakis, who left spikes for those protesting.

Responding to a related question, Mr. Marinakis clarified that the government is not going to back down on the issue of the construction of the subway and on the issue of trees he referred to the response of the construction company. However, he described the sensitivities of those who are protesting as “late”, saying that “they were not caught by the pain for the environment” but found another opportunity for “revolutionary gymnastics on the backs of the citizens”.

As for Mr. Doukas, although he avoided identifying himself with Adonis Georgiadis’ point of view, he noted that his position does not indicate a willingness to cooperate with the government. “We are not optimistic about some issues, everyone is judged by their work” he underlined while saying that the government has a duty to talk to every elected ruler without specifying when the first meeting between Mitsotakis and Doukas will take place.

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