Illegal pills – nutritional supplements were “thrown” in Thessaloniki (PHOTO)


Significant quantities of food supplement preparations were traded without prior notification to the E.O.F. were detected by auditors of the General Directorate of the S.D.O.E. in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Specifically, in controls carried out in a food supplement trading companyby auditors of the Operational Directorates of Attica and Macedonia in central store and branch respectively, quantities of dietary supplements were located and seizedof various types and packages corresponding to 1,596 commodity codes. Fees not paid to the relevant agency are counted in 479,000 euros.

In more detail, in the context of the specific operations, the following were identified and seized:

  • 2,247.17 kilograms of nutritional supplements in containers/powder bags,
  • 128.50 kg of food supplements in containers with pills or capsules or tablets or softgels with an indication of weight,
  • 117,179 pieces of food supplements in containers with pills or capsules or tablets or softgels without an indication of weight,
  • 8,170 ml of nutritional supplements in liquid form

The Agency’s investigations are continuing in order to identify quantities of nutritional supplements that are illegally trafficked both from physical stores and online. At the same time, the hidden persons – businesses that receive and distribute these illegal goods are also being sought.

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