Komotini, all of Thrace one circle – Event dedicated to Chronis Aidonidis

Komotini, all of Thrace one circle – Event dedicated to Chronis Aidonidis
Komotini, all of Thrace one circle – Event dedicated to Chronis Aidonidis

DKE DIPETHE Komotini, Tale of X Cities, Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki, ArtBOX Creative Arts Management, the 43 partners together with their adopted clubs and the 9 clubs that declared participation, will all join hands.

As they explain in their statement: “After the long-suffering summer from the fires, people from Ormenio to the westernmost limits of Xanthi Prefecture will “bring to life” every burnt tree, every loss that we may feel here in this part of the country. Accompanied by the sounds of bagpipes, dressed in black, with the steps and lyrics of our heritage, we will all dance together in the Peace Square of Komotini on Sunday, November 12 at 12 noon.

the action Komotini all Thrace one circle, it is participatory and the idea of ​​DIPETHE Komotini was heard by cultural associations of the region and we meet, discuss and find ways for better organization and implementation. This action is participative because you also made a group, you in turn invited others, you organized yourself and you will come to sing and dance with us”.

The action Komotini all Thrace one circle is dedicated to Chronis Aidonidis for his contribution to the tradition and cultural heritage of Thrace.

Therefore, those who will be on Sunday, November 12, at the Central Square of Komotini at 12 noon, will dance zonaradiko, mandilato and sing the following Thracian songs: Your pigeons are flying, I have passed from ΄na giophyri, Of the marjoram flower, My dear Rando, Milo m Neranjo, My bright little moon, I stand, This summer, In the village of Metaxades, There were five or six bullies, Weeds, Margoudi

The event will be accompanied by musicians with 14 bagpipes, 2 drums and an accordion.

In the order that will form the circle are:

1. Cultural Association of Roditis

2. Sports Training Association of Dadia

3. Thracian Women Initiative (Dadia)

4. Women of Ormenio for the preservation of tradition

5. Cultural Dance Association of Thrace Komotini

6. Association of Cretans N. Rodopi “O Psiloritis”

7. Association of Cretans N. Evros “Minoas”

8. Cultural Folklore Association of Mesi Women & Friends of Karlikiots

9. Alma Libre Cultural Association

10. Gratinos Cultural Educational Beautification Association of Komotini Municipality “O Gratinos”

11. Cultural Association of Women of Kosmio

12. Women’s Association of N. Sidirohori

13. Cultural Association of Iasmos

14. Educational Cultural Association of Mikro Kranovouni

15. TEFAA Komotini

16. Cultural Educational Club of Armenians of Komotini

17. Komotini Youth Community

18. Association of Cappadocians & Asia Minors N. Rhodope “O Megas Basilios”

19. Shelter of Culture of Tradition and Folklore PHILOTECHNES

20. Prangiots Association of Alexandroupolis

21. Cultural Association of Aigirou

22. Educational Club of Komotini

23. Philoproodos Union of Xanthi

24. Women’s Cultural Association N. Kallistis

25. Fanario Cultural Association

26. Pontian Association of Komotini and Region “The Black Sea”

27. Pontian Association “Ta Kassitera”

28. Association of Epirotians of N. Rodopis

29. Evros Islanders Association

30. Cultural and Educational Association of N. Adrianis

31. Cultural Association of Eastern Romans of Komotini

32. Dance Club of Xanthi

33. Cultural & Folklore Association of Traditional Dances “AKRITES” of Alexandroupolis

34. Young People’s Association of N. Rodopis

35. Cultural Association of Amori N. Evros “Orfeas”

36. Cultural Educational Association of Tycheriots of Alexandroupolis “PESTA”

37. Development and Culture Association of Sapa DRO

38. Workshop of Traditional Dances of the Holy Metropolis of Maroneia, Komotini

39. Educational Association of Sarakatsanaians Living in Thrace

40. Gratini Women’s Cultural Folklore Educational Beautification Association

41. Cultural Association Woman and Creation

42. “Kerasouda and Gars” Pontian Thrylori Association

43. Rembi Komotini District Association

Associations that have declared participation

44. Cultural and Educational Association Dance group of Alexandroupolis

45. Cultural and Educational Association of Palagia Alexander the Great

46. ​​Orestiada Hellenic High School

47. Dance Team of the 2nd Lyceum of Komotini

48. 3rd High School of Komotini

49. Xylagani Cultural Club

50. 1st Komotini High School

51. Cultural Folklore Association of Dioni

52. Association of Parents and Guardians of the 2nd Primary School of Komotini

After the end of the action, a carpet of painted banners will be laid by students who were inspired by the title of the action Komotini, all of Thrace one circle. Participating are the nursery school of Sidirochori and the 5th grade of Komotini, the primary schools of Dikai Evros, Sidirochori, 5th and 10th of Komotini, the 3rd high school of Komotini, the seminary of Komotini and the 2nd general high school of Komotini.

For more information, contact the organizer of the action, Mrs. Theano Pashalis, at 25310-37770 (working days and hours) and by email at [email protected].

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