The government attacks the Duke again

The government attacks the Duke again
The government attacks the Duke again

In frontal conflict with the newly elected mayor of Athens, Haris Doukasthe government is led, on the occasion of the subway in Exarchia.

The government representative, Pavlos Marinakis, stated that the metro is a central policy of the government. He reminded that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has said that there will be no retreat from the government’s announcements, especially regarding at the metro station in Exarchia. He added that the new metro line and the specific station will serve a large number of residents and visitors.

Regarding the environmental aspect of the issue, Mr. Marinakis referred to the full report of the competent company on how there is no risk in relocating the trees.

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The government representative he tried to blame Mr. Doukas for the explosive atmosphere which is created and which does not envisage collaboration between the government and the mayor of Athens.

He declared vaguely that the prime minister will also meet with the mayor of Athens as with all elected local government rulers. But he argued that “the position of Mr. Doukas is not consistent with his initial statement about cooperation on the central issues”.

Mr. Marinakis even spoke of “late sensitivities”. He commented in addition: “I don’t think that many who shout for the trees, which will be protected, did not feel the pain for the natural wealth of Exarchia. It is simply an opportunity for revolutionary gymnastics on the backs of citizens. We care about society, we will not take a step back”.

Invited to comment on the statements of Adonidos Georgiadis that “the Athenians will cry a black tear” for the Duke election, the government spokesman hastened to assure that the minister of labor has the full confidence of the prime minister and the Parliament, considering that there is no issue. He characterized the choice of citizens in the municipality of Athens as respected and declared that it is obligation of the government to cooperate with each elected local ruler. But he argued that “some first moves make us not be very optimistic”.

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