Reactions to the reduction of the “basic support” of farmers

Reactions to the reduction of the “basic support” of farmers
Reactions to the reduction of the “basic support” of farmers

K.O. expresses its support for the farmers, poultry farmers and livestock breeders of the prefecture with its announcement. of Ioannina of the KKE and calls on them to “oppose the government plan that leads to the elimination of small producers”.

As the KKKE of Ioannina typically points out, dozens of producers in the Prefecture of Ioannina are selling their herds, livestock or abandoning their crops due to the unbearable production costs and the almost non-existent profit.

This is why it makes sense that anger prevails over the large cuts of 20% to 50% in advance payments (70%) of the “Basic Support”.

Then the KKE of Ioannina blames the ND government and the Regional Governor of Epirus, Al. Kahrimanis, who try to disorient the producers, placing the blame on “administrative inadequacies” of OPEKEPE and “arrhythmias” of the Ministry of Rural Development.

He then states that “The responsibility lies with the ND government and all the previous governments who, following one CAP after another, are paving the way for a greater elimination of small producers year after year, since:

  • Implementation of the new CAP 2023-2027 means a total reduction of the “Basic Support” of more than 250 million per year.
  • The “ecological programs”, the “redistributive aid” and other direct aid programs cannot compensate for the losses from the “Basic Aid”, since their funds are also reduced by 5% from the period 2014-2020.
  • The reduction of the “Basic aid” comes in addition to the low prices for agricultural and livestock products imposed by industrialists and the high cost of production.
  • The rise in inflation not only burdens the cost of production in energy, water, oil, fertilizers, but also in the family budget with the repeated revaluations of consumer goods.

In addition, he likens the “attack” on farmers, livestock breeders, poultry farmers to that on the self-employed and small professionals and employees.

Finally, the KKE of Ioannina proposes to the small producers of the prefecture to claim collectively:

  • the aid they are entitled to so that not a single euro is lost
  • measures to support their income and their very lives.

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