Struggle for a hunter who got lost in mountainous western Fthiotida (PHOTO)


He was found 2.5 hours later, distressed but in good health…

The hunt turned into an adventure for three friends from Athens in the mountainous western Fthiotida on Tuesday afternoon (7/11).

At some point one of the three friends, 60 years old, got separated from the group and could not find the road where they had left the car.

As the report of LamiaReport records, he contacted the other two and they in turn alerted the police and fire department around 2 in the afternoon. They even knew their 60-year-old friend couldn’t walk and feared he had broken his leg.

Finally, around 4:30 in the afternoon, firefighters from the Kilmakio of Furnas located the hunter near the Tarzan area, suffering but in good health. With the help of their colleagues from P.Y. Makrakomis, who participated in the search with two vehicles and six firefighters took the unfortunate man to the forest road where an EKAB ambulance arrived.

The ambulance crew undertook the transport of the 60-year-old for preventive reasons to the Karpenisi Hospital.

A police jeep from Fourna with two police officers, as well as a crew from AT Sperchiadas, also participated in the investigations.

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