Natasa Pazaiti-Kostas Karamanlis: Their first public appearance 1 year after her theatrical debut

Natasa Pazaiti-Kostas Karamanlis: Their first public appearance 1 year after her theatrical debut
Natasa Pazaiti-Kostas Karamanlis: Their first public appearance 1 year after her theatrical debut

THE Marietta Giannakou, who passed away in February 2022, was a major political figure despite being a neurologist-psychiatrist. He was a Member of Parliament of New Democracy, while he had also served as Minister of Education, Minister of Health and Member of the European Parliament. So, for her memory, almost two years since her loss, a special event was organized on the evening of November 6th, which took place at the Concert Hall and was attended by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and a large number of people from the political sphere.

The keynote speaker of the event was the former prime minister Kostas Karamanlis and of course by his side were his wife, Natasha Pazaitis and their two twin children, Alice and Alexander.

Among what Costas Karamalis mentioned in his speech about Marietta Giannakou were the following: “Marietta’s greatest contribution to society, beyond her important work, is her character, her journey, her example. With deep faith in her ideas, militant in their defense, always with decency and respect for the opposite point of view, with the common good as her compass. He had no passion for power, for prominence, for arrogance. He had a passion for giving and serving. He had no sponsors or patrons, he did not seek the favor of the powerful or the media”while concluding by saying: “Public life is noticeably poorer without Marietta. She rightfully has the respect and praise of her opponents. The love and nostalgia of the citizens of Athens and the country in general. The appreciation of those who met her on her long journey to the European Parliament”.

The first public appearance of Natasha Pazaitis – Costas Karamanlis

Natasha Pazaiti, as we mentioned above, accompanied Kostas Karamanlis to this event, wearing a suit in white and beige tones and a special scarf with yellow flowers. 20-year-old Aliki and 20-year-old Alexandros also appeared with matching looks, as befits the occasion.

This public appearance of Natasha Pazaitis alongside Costas Karamanlis was her first since her theatrical debut in November 2022.

Known for her social action and spiritual concerns, Natasa Pazaiti had stepped up to the stage last year, portraying her niece Eleni in the show “The aunt from Chicago”which she had charitable character. At the helm of the direction was Dimitra Dermitzakis, while the adaptation of the script was done by Athena Kaskareliwho also played the aunt from Chicago.

The well-known theatrical performance was staged at the Athens College theater from November 11 to 14, at the initiative of the non-profit company ART and as it had become known, the proceeds were allocated for the strengthening the fight against breast cancersomething that the wife of Costas Karamanlis deals with extensively through surgery.

From that evening, her family was also present. The former prime minister and their 19-year-old twin children, Alexandros and Aliki, were there giving their warmest applause. In the theater of the College of Athens, there were also other well-known people who honored the show with its charitable character, among them the actress Loukia Papadakis with her business partner, Timo Janes.

The well-known journalist Dimitris Takis had also uploaded a video of Natasha Pazaitis’ performance on his Facebook page.

The life of Natasha Pazaitis

It was July 19, 1998, when the Natasha Pazaiti and Kostas Karamanlis they got married in the Holy Church of Agia Paraskevi, in Proti Serres. In June 2003, the couple, who for years gathered the spotlight on him due to the office of the former Prime Minister, had his twin children, Alice and Alexander.

Since 2009, the former Prime Minister has been living a modest life away from the public eye, while as is known, his wife dedicated herself to medicine and more specifically in the branches of oncology and reconstructive breast surgery.

In one of their rare outings, o Kostas Karamanlis and the Natasha Pazaitis met in the summer of 2021 at the honorary event-concert for the great composer, Stavros Xarhakos in Alsos Peristeriou. For the occasion, the stunning woman – who in the past has been compared to Princess Diana – opted for white trousers with white sandals and a purple satin long-sleeved top.

Rare photos of her with Kostas Karamanlis

You can see some more rare photos of the couple in the following gallery:

The photos of the 19-year-old twins

In June 2022, the camera captured the Karamanlis family at the Concert Hall where they met for the former Prime Minister’s speech.

The speech of former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis took place in the context of the event for the 40th anniversary of the Panathenaic Women’s Organization “Panathinaiki” where he was applauded, while he also referred to national issues and mainly Greek-Turkish ones.

Everyone’s eyes were drawn both to the elegant dress of Mrs. Pazaitis and to the 19-year-old children, Alikis and Alexandros.

Photos from their home in Rafina

During the holidays, the well-known couple publishes the traditional Christmas card, which the well-known doctor uploads on her personal Instagram. There, we also saw the rare photos of their house, which, as can be seen from the few shots, has a minimal aesthetic.

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