Larissa: “CIRCULUS” and “Peace of Aristophanes” at the Puppet Theater in Mylos

Larissa: “CIRCULUS” and “Peace of Aristophanes” at the Puppet Theater in Mylos
Larissa: “CIRCULUS” and “Peace of Aristophanes” at the Puppet Theater in Mylos

With two new performances by great puppet theater groups, the 8th Larissa Puppet Theater Festival organized by the Deputy Mayor of Culture and the Tiritoba Municipal Puppetry continues on Saturday November 11 at 18:00 and Sunday November 12 at 12:00, with free entry for the public at the Puppet Theater in Mylos.


Puppet Show “CIRCULUS”
Partnership of MANIVELA and ANEMODOURA groups

A street show on wheels… enters the Puppet Theater in Mylos. A tricycle, turns into a circus, a puppet theater stage with puppets for direct control and many surprises.

What magical recipes does a cook make? What special abilities does a girl in a wheelchair have? How does a methuselah manage to balance? What special things can a refugee hide in his luggage? How high does a very curvy girl go? Does a well-trained masseur chew irons?

This and much more will be discovered and enjoyed by anyone who meets this unique circus on their way!

Duration: 60 minutes
Ages: For all ages

Admission is free

Sunday, November 12 at 12:00
Puppet Show “Peace of Aristophanes”
Team Three Lalun

Aristophanes’ story begins with a man tired of war. The viticulturist Trygaeus will thunder all and at the risk of his own life, he will fly to Olympus with a giant beetle and ask the gods for the word.

The surprises and obstacles he will encounter will find a solution through his longing for Peace, his devotion and his cooperation with all those who are tired of war but do not sit idly by.

A fun interactive show where children help and decide how the story unfolds.

Duration: 60 minutes
Ages: 3+
Admission is free

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