Komotini must be the center of the Region and in higher education!

Komotini must be the center of the Region and in higher education!
Komotini must be the center of the Region and in higher education!

– I don’t remember, Cardassia, that there was a reaction from local actors in 2019, when the Technological Educational Institute of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace based in Kavala was abolished. The argument was, then, that Kavala will finally have university departments! And, finally, it became a “junction” (like the junction of the Athens-Thessaloniki railway line at Lianokladi in Fthiotida!), i.e. a branch of the upgraded International University of Greece. Kavala lost a Technological Institute, but its professors became university professors!

-Today, again, no voice is heard regarding the transfer of the university departments to the Democritus University of Thrace. For the professors, nothing will change, because they remain university employees. Will something change for Kavala? Some say that it is better for the “node” of Kavala to belong to “Demokritio”, because it is a University with prestige and history. And the DI.PA.E. what is it, grocery store? Three Technological Educational Institutions were removed to be upgraded in 2019.

– Some also argue that Kavala belongs to the Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, therefore the university hub should be under the University which since its foundation has been called “Demokritio” and “extends” only to the three Prefectures of Thrace. After several years, Cardassians, the so-called “intra-regional consciousness” will become a reality! That is, ours, theirs and theirs, again theirs! Thrace, and specifically Komotini, remains the center of the Region in everything, now also in higher education. If they could also transport the sea to Komotini, they would do so with great joy!

-I am forced to be cynical, Cardassian, because we are dealing with cynical people, who are taking advantage of Cavaliers’ apathy towards the city’s continued degradation.

-If in 2019 a “mistake” was made with the abolition of the Technological Educational Institution (Eastern Macedonia-Thrace), in order to strengthen the DI.PA.E., this mistake cannot be corrected with a new mistake, i.e. the strengthening of the D. P.Th. The right thing is, I think, to return to the previous situation. To reopen the educational institutions in Kavala, Serres and Thessaloniki, which will become Technological Universities, so that their professors and students are not affected.

-I should also note that the Technological Educational Institute in Kavala, when it was renamed Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, had departments in Kavala, Drama and Didymoteicho. It was in practice an educational institution of the Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace.

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