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University of Peloponnese | “Upskilling and Reskilling: Developing Skills for Effective Leadership”


The European Year of Skills, which started on 9 May and will run until 8 May 2024, aims to give new impetus to lifelong learning, enabling citizens and businesses to contribute to the green and digital transition by supporting innovation and competitiveness.

The Flagship Year aims to tackle skills shortages and strengthen the EU Skills Strategy, which will help reskill people with a focus on digital and green technology skills. It aims to promote investment in training and upskilling, enabling people to stay in their jobs or find new ones, to ensure the skills that meet the needs of employers, through close cooperation with social partners and businesses, to match people’s expectations and skills with labor market opportunities, in particular for the green and digital transition and economic recovery and finally to attract people from outside the EU with the required talent.

The topics to be discussed will focus on the reasons why investment in skills and training is necessary for everyone individually, but also for organizations, the economy and society in general, with a central theme of effective leadership.

The Seminar-Workshop is addressed to undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Departments of Informatics and Telecommunications, Administrative Science and Technology and Economics, to executives of companies and public organizations who are interested in developing leadership skills, and to the general public.

Those who would like to watch the seminar online, follow the link below:

Upskilling and Reskilling:

Developing skills for effective leadership

Seminar – Workshop


11:00-11:05 Welcome-Greeting

Konstantinos Vassilakis, Dean of the School of Economics and Technology, University of the Peloponnese

11:05-11:40 Session 1-Leadership

Professor Athanasios Kriemadis, President of the Department of Administrative Science and Technology, University of the Peloponnese

“Development of Leadership Characteristics and Skills”

11:45-12:25 Session 2- Communication and Mass Media

Maria Katsarea, Marketing Communications Manager, Mazda

“Don’t panic. It’s only digital!”

12:30-13:10 Session 3: Empathy

Niki Ananti-Koulouri, Coaching – Training – Systemic Organizational Development, 4people matters

“Why Compassionate Leadership Is So Important in Our Time”

13:10-14:00 Workshop: Case Studies – Innovations

Eleni Mavroidi, Graphic Designer

“Sustainable Fashion”

Karolina Androutsaki, Conservator of antiquities and works of art and now multi-skilled

“From trash to treasure”

Coordinator: Vicky Iglezou, Head of EUROPE DIRECT Peloponnese

Laboratory of Strategic Management, Quality Management and Human-Centered Technologies

❖ Communication with “EUROPE DIRECT Peloponnese” Head: Ms Vicky Inglezou

E-mail: This email address is protected from spammers automations. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ED Office Peloponnese – Tripoli: Ms. Georgia Babanikoulou Tel: 2710 22 50 59

E-mail: This email address is protected from spammers automations. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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