Antonis Remos-Eleni Foureira: Explosive meeting on stage – Impressive images


Antonis Remos-Eleni Foureira: In a cheerful atmosphere reminiscent of unique old powerful scenes of world cinema, the two artists as protagonists of another era, enjoyed every moment.

THE Antonis Remos and the Helen Foureira on the occasion of their long-awaited collaboration, they met in an atmospheric, specially designed space, in a well-known hotel in centre her Athens, to shoot his promo video NOX directed by him Yiannis Dimolitsa.

In a cheerful atmosphere reminiscent of unique old times strong scenes of world cinema films, both artists as main characters of another era, they enjoyed every moment.

Relax mood, romance and promises for a unique show to come, starting from a black and white film noir and reaching the present day in a overproduction full of tension, music, energy, captivating spectacle and many more surprises.


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