Competitive initiatives to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising

Competitive initiatives to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising
Competitive initiatives to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising

A call to the workers, the youth, the people of the city, but also to the labor unions, the Student Unions, the students and their councils, as well as any popular organization to participate en masse in the anti-imperialist march of November 17th (5.30 p.m. outside his offices – Kolokotroni 20), addressed it Patras Labor Center (EPC).

The meeting for the organization of the competitive events of the 50th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising, which took place on Monday afternoon, was attended by a number of student associations and representatives of trade unions and mass popular bodies.

As suggested by the president of the EKP, Dimitris Marmoutaon the day of the anniversary on 10.30 am., They will come true crown deposits by the trade union body, Trade Unions and Student Associations, both in the Annex of the University of Patras, and in the old Security building.

At the same time, throughout the next period the actions to highlight and express solidarity with the people of Palestine will continue, while Trade Unions, Student Associations, Student Councils and mass – popular organizations were invited to highlight the historical conclusions and the contemporary message of the Polytechnic, with events, tours, interventions, general assemblies, reaching every place of work and education, but also in the neighborhoods of the city.

In addition, support was highlighted for the 24-hour general construction strike on Wednesday 8/11 for the declaration of the Collective Labor Agreement as mandatory, for health and safety measures in the workplaces and for the signing of site labor contracts on construction sites, workplaces with increases in all daily wages .

“The motto “Bread – Education – Freedom” which shook the mobilizations during the days of the Polytechnic uprising, is a matter of our own struggle to defend the lives, rights, studies of our youth and children.

That’s why today (yesterday) in this room for another year the workers of Patras, together with the students, discuss the celebration of the Polytechnic putting forward our own modern needs, against the constant crimes at the expense of its life people, against the policy of all governments that sacrifice our lives for profits, that consider our needs as a cost, against multifaceted repression and laws that limit the freedoms of trade unions”, Dimitris Marmoutas noted, among other things, that the mobilizations with the slogan “Freedom in Palestine”.

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