Greece travel destination of the year

Greece travel destination of the year
Greece travel destination of the year

Traveler destination of the year worldwide, Greece emerged in Finland for 2023. Our country won for the first time the Prize of the International Travel Destination of the Year 2023, at the Finnish travel Gala 2023, which took place on November 3 at the Koskenranta Event Center in Helsinki.

In the final five that qualified after voting to claim the award in question, the following countries also participated – apart from Greece – Iceland, Norway, Italy and New Zealand. The Finnish Travel Gala (Finnish Travel Gala is an annual event organized by the Finnish Tourism Association (SMAL) for the 5th year. About 180 travel agencies and tour operators participate in SMAL (Association of Travel Industry,, representing 95% of all sales of travel services in Finland.

The event was attended by over 400 tourism professionals along with their guests to reward the tourism achievements of the year. The evening ended with the awarding of several agencies, ideas and innovations in the tourism industry. The vote was held last July-August with the participation of tourism professionals and the public, in which a total of 17,000 people voted.

Karakostantis: Quality and variety of the Greek tourism product for tourists from Finland

The award for Greece was received by the Head of the EOT Service. of Scandinavia Mr. Pavlos Mourmas and the Chargé d’Affaires of the Greek Embassy in Finland Mr. Dimitrios Karakonstantis (SPA’), who expressed his warm thanks to the organizers of the event and to all those who voted in favor of our country.

Mr. Karakostantis referred to the large number of Finnish citizens who visit Greece over time and underlined the quality and variety of the Greek tourist product, which make it an attractive destination throughout the year.

The Head of the EOT Service Scandinavian Mr. Pavlos Mourmas thanked on behalf of the Hellenic Tourism Organization and the General Secretary Mr. Dimitris Fragakis the organizers and the professionals who voted in favor of Greece, as well as all the Tour Operators who include our country in their tourist programs. At the same time, he invited all those involved to cooperate in the promotion of Greece, as an ideal holiday destination throughout the year, while referring to the unique Greek hospitality and the contribution of tourism to maintaining peace and solidarity between peoples.

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