Maria Antonakaki – Halvatzi: Is there a trick?

Maria Antonakaki – Halvatzi: Is there a trick?
Maria Antonakaki – Halvatzi: Is there a trick?

On the occasion of today’s meeting of the economic committee of the Municipality of Heraklion, the President of the Food and Entertainment Association of Heraklion and newly elected Municipal Councilor of the Municipality of Heraklion Maria Antonakaki points out the following:

On Wednesday, November 8, the members of the Financial Committee of the Municipality of Heraklion will be called upon to make important decisions for the citizens of Heraklion. According to the Agenda, the topics of the regular meeting include the following:

– Determination of municipal fees and taxes for 2024

– Determination of payment of fees for the use of common areas for the year 2024

– Determination of the irrigation fee for the year 2024

The questions are many and reasonable.

Why will a municipal authority on retreat decide on such important issues that concern the pockets of all the citizens of our Municipality?

What is the position of the elected mayor on these issues?

Does he agree with the probable increases of 30% in all municipal fees?

Or does their voting by the previous municipal authority simply serve him?

We await the answers. Otherwise, silence hides deceit.

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