“The Doctor”: Stefania Goulioti and Nikos Hatzopoulos in Katerina Evagelato’s new show

“The Doctor”: Stefania Goulioti and Nikos Hatzopoulos in Katerina Evagelato’s new show
“The Doctor”: Stefania Goulioti and Nikos Hatzopoulos in Katerina Evagelato’s new show

“However they see us, we are not what they see.”

Robert Icke’s riveting thriller The Doctor, praised by the Times, the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Financial Times and a box office smash in London’s West End, introduces this year’s theater season to Katerina Evagelatosfrom December 8 to Amphitheater.

A genius thought experiment on the impasses of identity politics, which challenges the limits of perception even of the viewers themselves. A global theatrical phenomenon that within three years captivated the most important theaters of the world.

Stefania Goulioti in the role of Professor Ruth Wolf. Priest Nikos Hatzopoulos. The troupe is completed by Amalia Ninou, Kitty Paitazoglou, Marianna Dimitriou, Zoe Rigopoulou, Aurora Marion, Lefteris Polychronis, Niki Sereti, Stavros Kalligas, Aliki Andriomenou.

In his award-winning concept thriller Robert Icke conflicting views of ourselves and the world make for an explosive mix.

Photo: Efi Gousi

An intelligent and multi-prism work, “The Doctor” grapples with moral issues, activating viewers’ reflexes against stereotypes and challenging the limits of their own prejudices. Gender, origin, social class, but also religion or sexuality, with the automatisms and “labels” that accompany them, act as a trigger for a breathtaking play of multiple roles and identities on stage.

When a teenage girl is taken in critical condition to Elizabeth Institute after a botched abortion, Professor Ruth Wolfe (Stefania Goulioti) denies a priest (Nikos Hatzopoulos) entry to the girl’s ward because he does not have sufficient information about the patient’s religious beliefs.

A scandal erupts around this decision, which soon reaches uncontrollable proportions on social media. Distortions of all kinds follow one another, highlighting the complexity of the situation. Everyone has an opinion. And they express it with passion in this vortex that literally sinks with it whoever is at its center. The path to destabilization seems irreversible.

Photo: Efi Gousi

Is it a good time to talk about Jews? And why not for doctors? Is management preferable to leadership? How do we see a woman in power? And… what color is religious belief?

Through confrontations and contradictions, the story unfolds like a caustic thought experiment, which highlights not only the moral dilemmas and impasses of identity politics, but also the cannibalistic “cancel culture”, which censors, it ostracizes and de-tools social media.

“The Doctor” is a worldwide theatrical phenomenon that puts our times under a theatrical magnifying lens. It was presented first in London (Almeida Theater and West End) and then staged within three years in the most important theater centers of the world, from New York and the Armory to the historic Burgtheater in Vienna and from the Adelaide Festival in Australia to the Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA).

Photo: Efi Gousi

The Guardian called it “a brilliant diagnosis of modern (social) ills”.

The British Robert Icke is an award-winning writer and theater and film director. He was the youngest winner of the Olivier Award for Best Director, and his accolades include two Evening Standard Awards for Best Director, the Critics’ Circle Award, the Kurt Hübner Award for his first production in Germany. Until 2023, Icke was the ‘Ibsen Artist in Residence at the Internationaal Theater’ in Amsterdam, and has been described by critics as ‘the great hope of British theatre’.

Katerina Evagelatos has previously translated and directed the adaptation co-written by Robert Icke with Duncan MacMillan on George Orwell’s “1984” (Katerina Vasilakou Theatre, 2016).

Photo: Efi Gousi

Photo: Efi Gousi

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