High incomes, deposits, mutual for Heraklion MPs

High incomes, deposits, mutual for Heraklion MPs
High incomes, deposits, mutual for Heraklion MPs

Beyond the… average of “common mortals” are the deputies of Heraklion, who in the declarations of “Pothen Esshes” declare very high amounts, have deposits, mutual funds and large properties.

Both Giorgos Logiadis and MEP Manolis Kefalogiannis appear as more “wealthy” MPs from Heraklion, whose assets, however, do not come from their involvement in politics, but from their previous professional activities.

However, high amounts are also declared by SYRIZA MPs, while in proportion to their colleagues, the declarations of “nothing to do” by New Democracy MPs are quite restrained.

In this year’s statement of “whereabouts” concerning the 2021 use period, the new MPs Konstantinos Kefalogiannis, Frangiskos Parasyris and Eleni Vatsina were not liable, whose whereabouts are not presented.


The amount of 35,902.20 euros is declared by the Minister of Rural Development Lefteris Avgenakis as total net income from hired services. Mr. Avgenakis also declares 33,891.84 euros of tax-exempt income and another 33,067.24 from the sale of a property and a two-wheeler. Lefteris Avgenakis also declares a net income from service hires of 17,647.05 euros. Lefteris Avgenakis also has various bank deposit accounts, amounting to approximately 185,000 euros together with his wife’s deposits.

The minister and his wife also declare an apartment in Byron of 90 square meters, an apartment in Heraklion of 290 square meters and an apartment in Agrinio. The minister finally declares two 650 and 200 cubic centimeter two-wheelers that he has in his name.

The exact amount of the parliamentary compensation is not stated in the Pothen Esches of the Deputy Minister of Development and Member of Parliament for Heraklion, Mr. Maximos Senetakis. Mr. Senetakis together with his wife present deposits in banks of the order of 60,000 euros, two apartments in Heraklion and some crops and tree crops in Heraklion, Gazi and Palliani. Mr. Senetakis also declares to be the owner of a 3,300 cubic centimeter vehicle with year of registration in 2006 and year of acquisition in 2010.

The amount of 169,583.89 euros is declared by MEP Manolis Kefalogiannis as income that is exempt from tax and contribution. The amount of 108,900.18 euros is declared by Manolis Kefalogiannis as total net income, while family deposits in various banks amount to approximately 1.5 million euros. Five apartments and a single-family house in Palaio Faliro, Psychiko, Heraklion and Eastern Attica, Mr. Kefalogiannis states.

The amount of 92,595.96 euros from the disposal of assets is declared by the Head of Infrastructure and Transport of SYRIZA, Haris Mamoulakis.

The Member of Parliament of Heraklion declares a total income of 33,667.80 euros and income exempt from tax and contribution of 5,529 euros. Haris Mamoulakis declares income of 4,174.50 euros from real estate.

Mr. Mamoulakis declares family deposits of approximately 45,000 euros, a single-family house of 212 square meters in Heraklion, a business house in Heraklion also and crops in Heraklion and Samos.

The total amount of 77,446.25 euros is declared as income for the year 2021 by SYRIZA MP Sokratis Vardakis, for incomes that are exempt from tax and contribution. Sokratis Vardakis declares 30,416.70 euros as total net income. He and his wife declare deposits that slightly exceed 100,000 euros, a detached house in Vianno of 80 square meters and an apartment in Gouves of 119 square meters. There are also several pastures in the Pothen Esches statement. Sokratis Vardakis and his wife also claim to own two vehicles of 1,100 and 1,200 cubic centimeters respectively.

The amount of 28,678.65 euros is declared as his total net income by Nikos Igoumenidis, who also declares 33,891.84 euros of income from other cases, 3,700 euros from real estate and 2,619 euros from incomes that are exempt from tax and contribution. Together with his wife, Nikos Igoumenidis declares deposits of 140,000 euros, a 42 square meter apartment in Neapoli, a business house in Neapolis, two detached houses in Heraklion, two business houses in Heraklion and several plots of land and tree plantations.

The amount of 34,770 euros is declared as net income from hired services, allowances and additional fees, MeRA 25 MP Giorgos Logiadis.

The MP also declares €53,660.73 as income exempt from tax and contribution, €12,723.11 from agricultural business activity and €7,572.19 from business activity. From real estate, Mr. Logiadis declares 7,992 euros. He and his wife declare shares of mutual funds that reach 1 million euros, while they also declare deposits of 240,000 euros. Mr. Logiadis and his wife also declare 7 apartments in Neo Psychiko and Heraklion, a detached house in Vouliagmeni, warehouses, tree crops and commercial buildings.

The amount of 48,651.95 euros from services, allowances and additional fees is declared by Manolis Syntyhakis, while he also declares 42,258.09 euros as income exempt from tax and contribution. Of course, Mr. Syntyhakis clarifies that his remuneration results from his parliamentary capacity and, in accordance with the party’s statutes, has been paid to the KKE.

Mr. Syntyhakis also declares 2,640 euros for an amount given by the State for rent due to the coronavirus, as well as 12,000 euros as compensation given for rent to MPs from the provinces. The deposits of Mr. Syntyhakis together with his wife exceed 10,000 euros. Mr. Syntyhakis also declares himself the owner of an 80 square meter detached house in Moiras, a 70 square meter apartment in Moiras, pastures and plots of land in Moiras, Heraklion and Sitia, as well as four properties used for business accommodation in Heraklion.

Vassilis Kegeroglou declares the amount of 37,134.60 euros from salaried services, allowances and additional fees, while he also declares 8,769.07 euros from incomes that are exempt from tax and contribution and 377.17 euros from income from agricultural activity.

He and his wife also declare deposits in various banks of 1,700 euros, while they also declare a single-family house in Archanes, three apartments, one of which is unfinished, plots of land and tree plantations.

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