Former mayor and treasurer jailed

Former mayor and treasurer jailed
Former mayor and treasurer jailed

A former treasurer, but also a former mayor, were found guilty yesterday by the Five-member Court of Criminal Appeals, with prison terms of 4 years, for the embezzlement of half a million euros from the coffers of the former Municipality of Afeto (now the Municipality of South Pelion). but also for a strange theft. The two defendants, during their apologies yesterday, denied the charge of embezzlement, also declaring ignorance of the theft, while with the additional recognition of mitigating circumstances, they were both sentenced to 4 years in prison, compared to 5 years in prison for the Treasurer and imprisonment 5 years to the Mayor, according to the first court, also condemning, decision against them.

According to the indictment, in the three years 2007 – 2010, the former Municipality of Afeto received a loan of 1 million euros, in order to pay off the Municipality’s previous debts to suppliers. Debts paid, as opposed to contributions to the IKA, in order, as mentioned in the Court, to give priority to the payroll of employees. As a result, according to the defendants, a cash deficit of a small amount was created, instead of the embezzlement of the amount of 545,467.11 euros, for which they were referred as defendants. It is recalled that the case became known in 2010, when the new Municipal Authority asked the outgoing and accused Mayor to be informed about the financial data of the former Municipality of Afeto, which would merge with the Municipality of South Pelion. On the evening of December 12, 2010 and the eve of the briefing to the new Mayor, a theft was reported at the offices of the Municipality, with the perpetrator stealing specific things.
As characteristically stated in the Resolution of the Council of Appeals of Larisa, “in this theft, which was allegedly committed by an unknown perpetrator in the premises of the offices of the Cash Service of the said Municipality, an unknown number of books, data, collection letters, collection duplicates, money orders were taken , a number of documents of the relevant Municipality. even this host’. On the occasion of the theft, a financial audit was then ordered, with the financial inspector noting, among other things, in his conclusion, the great degree of difficulty in determining the Municipality’s income due to the theft of all the books, collection letters, money orders, etc. , combined with the theft of the host computer. The District Attorney proposed the dismissal of the charges, with the Five-Member Court of Criminal Appeals finding the ex-Treasurer and ex-Mayor guilty, imposing – after the recognition of mitigating circumstances – 4-year suspended prison sentences.


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