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National highway Athens – Thessaloniki: The accident for a car thief in a tunnel


He jumped the car from Volos and went out on the national road in the direction of Athens. In a tunnel in Fthiotida, the perpetrator left the car and started running…

The theft of the car from a block of flats was completed successfully, but the perpetrator did not manage to complete what he had in mind. The car ran out of gas in a tunnel on the Athens-Thessaloniki highway and he started running towards the emergency exit. The spot where the IX stayed was extremely dangerous, after a turn and by pure luck it seems, no serious accident occurred.

An incredible incident of theft that could have resulted in a traffic accident or even an accident on the national highway, we had in the late afternoon of Monday, November 6 in the area of ​​Volos, but it developed in Stylida and Fthiotida.

An unknown assailant broke into and removed a parked VW POLO vehicle from a garage and took the road to Athens. Unfortunately for him, the car ran out of gas and at the height of the tunnels in Stylida, it came to a standstill.

Then, without a second thought, the thief decided to abandon it and, according to eyewitnesses, started running towards the emergency exit in the tunnel, moving towards Stylida.

Worst of all, the stolen vehicle left it in the left lane and where the tunnel has a small bend and it’s a miracle we didn’t have an accident.

Police officers from the 2nd TT Motorways of Fthiotida and the AT Stylidas, started looking for the details of the vehicle and found that the owner of the car had not yet realized the theft. In fact, the woman at first thought it was a bad joke.

The car was loaded onto a crane and safely removed from the scene, while a preliminary investigation will be conducted to identify the brazen thief who, among other crimes, endangered the safety of traffic on an expressway.


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